“Accept responsilbility for your life, Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else”


Finally Christmas time is over, only just here in Spain, you may not know that the holidays go to the 7th January, Spain holds the tradition of the The Three Kings, who visit from the Orient on the night of the 5th, we have fabulous “cavalgatas” in the street with camels and thrones bringing the Three Kings bearing there gifts (This in Spain, is like Christmas Eve) the children get very excited and wait for there gifts from the Kings, the 6th is a family day when everyone gets together (Christmas Day) 

I am sure we have all been with the people with love during these holidays, where ever in the world you may be, Christmas is usually a holiday when for once for one or two days we can forget about our daily routines and enjoy the festive time and the people we have around us, for some of us it is time when we see people that we have not seen in a long time, family and friends and then of course comes the goodbyes and we sink a little in spirit,but we are fortunate to carry that with us and appreciate the time we had, we can keep that happy festive feeling a little longer,of course it is also a time when our loved ones who are no longer with us are remembered more and sadly missed, again I think if we can remember all the lovely times we have had with them and truly believe that they are always with us, in some form, we can obtain great comfort from this and enjoy the inner peace that gives us. I know my loved ones would want me and my family to be happy and enjoy our time together and I hope I managed to do that and made them happy. 

Well, the New Year is here……………………..2014 here we come, we all ask, what will this year bring,will we be happy,will we work well,will are health be fine,my family all the thoughts that go through our minds, everyone is different and we all want different things,so now is your time to start to make your own reality, make this the year we want it to be, by our thoughts,picture what you want in your mind,and think about it as often as you can,imagine you have all that you need and want,live the experience in your mind, and never loose sight of your vision of your life, your dreams, I wish you all sweet dreams and an exceptional HAPPY NEW YEAR this is your year.


We have talked recently about preparing for Christmas and our latest challenge on our new life for the new year, I have had a few mails regarding this and some of you are concerned about time,keeping everything in your head and generally are overwelmed, there is a very simple solution to this, list it, make a list for everything you wish to do and achieve, your could use a gift list if you like to share presents at Christmas time, list all those lucky people and the gift you have in mind, a simple tick will keep you on track,a food list is very important if you are in charge of entertaining this season,I list everything and work my way through it,including my table decorations, we have wonderful ideas that come to us at all times,(we think we will remember,but,we forget)so write it on the list,again a simple tick assures you that you have taken care of it, one down and ……….to go, its far better on paper than swimming around in your head, and if you are taking the new life-new year challenge, the last thing you want is thinking of your savouries and sweets  when visualizing and meditating !!! I even make a cleaning list, If I list, my mind is free to do other things I love my lists, I also carry a note book, this is where I write ideas and tip bits during my day,this way nothing is forgotten,so clear your mind make your lists and sail through this busy but lovely season.


We are now on the final count down to see the end of 2013, 2014 is nearly here and for some of you it is very important that you are ready, in mind, body and soul. A new year, is like a new book without a single word, it is all waiting to be written, and we are responsable for what we write,what we experience and how we go about reaching our new set goals. It is extremley important that you set your goals, write them down,the order is up to you,but you have to know what you want, ” The more you take responsibility for your past and present, the more you are able to create the future you seek ”  The message here is to accept your present situation,truly come to terms with it,then file it away,and start to move into the future by knowing what you want,when you have that clear,start to think about it,start to give it a form, Imagine what you want, visualize what you want and then attach an emotion to that, so you will know how it will feel, don’t be afraid to do this,fear will hold you back,try to meditate through this process, I mentioned in an earlier post on meditation, that practice makes perfect, some people have difficulties in the early stages of meditation, learninng to clear your mind of your everyday activities and thoughts,is easy to some and not so easy for others,but, it is possible for everyone,when you gain the ability of meditation,you will find a way to attract what you want into your life, the way will come to you,appreciate everything you have in your life and not what you don’t have,create your own reality,some people have difficulty in obtaining what they want, due to the fact that they feel not worthy of what they want, this can be due to old beliefs,which we acquire during our lives, and some just don’t belief in themselves, if you really want to change your life, this is your opportunity to prepare yourself for 2014, you have time, starting today, you are worth everything you desire,you can achieve anything that your heart desires, you hold the inner power to do this,so, make that list,come to terms with today,file it away,and start your preparation for 2014, I look forward to hearing from you……………………………………..


I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward.

Nelson Mandela
1918 – 2013

“When you attain the control of the internal direction of your attention, you will no longer stand in shallow water, but will fly out into the deep of life “

” Optimism is a happiness magnet, if you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you “


We have all been lead to believe that stress is always the foe, this is not always the case, it can at times be our friend, the heart pumps quickly the stress hormone flows into the blood stream,the brain becomes alert,it temporary closes our immunity systems,to concentrate on the problem at hand……it is seen in a very clear light and rational. If we were asked in that moment if it was friend or foe, we would see that it is friend, your body is on track, you are solving the problem at hand in a quick and rational way. We are not experiencing a heart attack,gastric problems or an ulcer,we are not having bad headaches due to all the tension,but these are the reasons we would see stress as the foe,but is it always negative.?

Stress is a natural process, always present in everyone we know and we need it to survive………it makes us aware and alert against anything that could put us in danger,we are prepared to defend ourselves, we can go back in time, and see that cave men would of suffered natural stress while hunting, gladiators before battle, they would not of survived without it. How does this work ? when we feel a situation of danger, mental or physically,our body automatically sends out the signs of emergency,which helps us to survive and work through our present problem,by standing up to it or to run away,we get the adrenaline rush, the stress hormones produce, so from this we  can see positive stress in action, we adapt to the change and react quickly to the problem before us, we are in a state of excitement which bring changes to the brain which helps us in an easier way than normal to be alert and see things in a much clearer way, we find solutions and ideas that we previously did not see, we resolve our problem,in these cases not all stress is negative.

HOWEVER, when you are in this state for a prolonged time, you will have a reverse effect, your blood pressure will soar, your heart,immune system,and body in general can suffer damage and health issues can arise, you can become afraid,suffer from anxiety, there is a long list,this is negative stress and you should find no place in your life for it, under no circumstances,this is down to you, to handle your stress levels you, are in control, you look after your body and your body will look after you…………………Remember to relax when possible,eat well,sleep well and enjoy your life,,this is not a rehearsal,this is the real thing so enjoy everyday you have to the best of your possibilities…………………………………..be happy


” You simply will not be the same person two months from now, after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. And you will have set in motion an ancient spiritual law: the more you have and are grateful for, the more will be given to you “


Firstly, yet again I am here with a big apology for the last weeks, as you probaly guessed from my last post, I had a loved one in the hospital, and was so grateful for the love shared within those walls. However after  that event my family and I were faced with a goodbye we were not expecting and a goodbye we never got to give, so I am dedicating this post to my father who sadly passed away, I have not been  able to write a post before today, not because I did not want to,but my thoughts have been all over,emotions are high and low, and my concentration is not at its best,I know what I should be doing and I know the stages I must go through,but it is not as easy as that.

I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has mailed me during this time, people who have given time and there thoughts to myself and my family to help and support us through this time. 

So how do we just carry on, it is a must,life continues,and it is probaly what the very missed person would want,but again easier said than done, we struggle with this,is it a form of guilt,should I being doing this, we question are actions,our thoughts,life is not the same,but we are supposed to just carry on, as if it was,as it is….I have had some very confusing moments,which I try to deal with one at a time. I am a very spritual person and feel and know that he is still here with us all, in another form but very present,he will always be with us, especially in our thoughts,I know we are in his.       

Helping myself to carry on I have written a letter to my father, to tell him everything I wanted him to know that I could not tell him before he passed, this has been really good for me,and if anyone reading this, finds  themselves in a similar situation i would urge you to do this, it is a wonderful way to express what you feel inside,what you would of said,and what you want to say,I have a feeling of inner peace,which in turn gives me strength to take one day at a time.


Thanking you all for your kindness and support.


First I would like to apologise for no posts this week, it has been a week I would like to remove from my diary for ever, but, from bad moments in our life we can and should find something good, if you and your family,friends and people you care for are healthy it is one of the greatest gifts you can ever recieve.  Being fortunate in the fact that the hospital is not part of our normal life, to be thrown in there with no prior warning or desire, we start to see things in a different light, the one thing in common that everyone has within those walls is that they are either ill or caring for someone who is. The anxiety levels soar up,and your calm and demure side kicks in to those you don’t want to show how you feel inside,the combination leaves you finding an innerself you may not know you had or had never before been so deep. Your personal situation may improve or not, but you start to realise that there is another common denominater,everyone suffers the sick and the carer,you even suffer for the people you do not know and have no connection to you, you find your compassion for others on an entirely different level,we find hope and hold on tight,we hope for others and you know deep down that they also have hope for you. There is a silent connection between you all, you have to give your total admiration for the staff within that building, from the cleaner to the chief of staff, they are always pleasant,they smile,they acknowledge you and your personal situations in a very special way, how fortunate are we to be surrounded by people who all have that special ability,to express there unconditional pledge to people that they do not know, but are totally aware of your needs at any given moment,and give 100% every day, then we have the medical professionals who apart from there dedication and who have found there true calling,there life purpose, who are at times that one person who has to deliver the worst news you ever want to hear,or the best news.How do they handle that permanent emotional ride,they are not emotionally involved with there patients but they are people,great people at that,who  deal with emotion in all shapes and sizes everyday, it is an added gift that they have apart from there professional academic skills. So my point today is that we need to find time to send a thought to all who need it, and not to forget that it could be us that will need that thought one day, the thought of appreciation to people we do not know,a thought of thankfulness that people of this special kind exist,a thought of gratitude for the health we have and that of are loved ones………………… A thought that………..even on the worst days there is a possibility of joy and being grateful for everything we have and everything we are and wish to be…………………………………………….Just one simple thought a day.


The post today is in reply to a very touching email I have recieved, I have chosen to make this reply public with the hope of helping others,if you have a permanate dream regarding yourself being abandoned, maybe the following reasons may help you find a solution and to understand better, this could be telling you that you have difficulty in making plans for your future success,if it to abandon others you will have unhappy conditions around you with very little hope of resolving. If it is your home,you will see problems in obtaining your financial security, if it is your loved one,you will not find what you have lost,( this refers to a material object) and your friends will turn away. If you abandon children, you will loose your status and security due to the lack of calmness and to judge people.If it is your business there will be a period of bad circumstances,discussions and suspicion.If you or your friends abandon a boat,could suggest a business failure,however if you make it to dry land your assets will remain intact. If this dream is strongly on your mind,in the case of you abandon or are abandoned could mean other kind of problems.

I hope that this may help for you to interpretate your continual dream, remember dreams are messages sent to us, to make us aware of a situation , a reality or true explanations of what the future may hold. It is important to note your dreams as soon as you wake, by doing this you will have more details to later analize your dream and its meaning. This is an excellent way to connect with your inner self.

Finally I would like to point out that if you go to bed after watching a film/reading a book/after dinner conversation and this sticks in your mind, and your dream is related to this,this most probaly will not be a profound dream, so please do not confuse one with the other,and never torment yourself with this type of passing dream.


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