20 great tips, that work !!! and help you not to put weight on during the summer months…….

Apparently on average we can put up to 3 kilos of weight during this season, 

Tic-toc, the metabolism goes quicker as the day goes on, this is where the great saying, Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper. Reserve all foods with more calories and carbohydrates for the first hours of the day, have those special little treats at breakfast or half way through your morning.

Fresh Foods, Fewer calories more flavour, these foods also take care of thirst and keep you well hydrated , have on hand Water melon,Honey Melon,Cucumber, Yogurt, Jelly and homemade lemonade. You can open the fridge and pick at these whenever you want to.

The battle of the calories, Up and down the scales go, to maintain our perfect weight we should be having around 1.200 to 1.500 calories a day, if you can’t control this yourself you can fix an app on to your phone now, you may find a good or bad surprise with this, but don’t forget that a little more physical exercise can at times give you an extra 300 calories if needed !

The clever shopper, you will make your life so much easier if you resist the colourful shiny food displays, that you know you will not be able to resist when you open the cupboard or fridge, buy what you know is good for you and will not tempt you down the road of “Oh, just one “

Now more than ever is the time to keep proteins and carbohydrates separate , do not mix, when you decide to pick between meals with cold meats, no bread. The rice and pasta with no animal protein. Fruit and vegetables always alone Alcohol without dried fruits if you must!

Learn how to say NO NO No to the waiter who insists on leaving a little plate of crisps or peanuts with every drink he brings, you can have olives, but they have to be black and with a stone, and no more than five !

Time table, many will increase the weight,due to a change in time-table, we tend to eat later in the summer time. When we change  are eating times  change are metabolism also, and can be become more slower. It is always wise to follow a good time-table and keep to it where possible.

Alternative flavours, No salt, it will only help to retain liquid and in the summertime we will have more tendency to bloat due also to the heat, substitute salt for mixed herbs and spices the more the merrier. 

Fitness breakfast, Grapefruit, for its antioxidants and if we drink this as soon as we are up and about it will accelerate the metabolism , Banana will control your appetite until lunch time, Oranges a great natural antidepressant Brown bread contains fiber, Strawberries hardly any calories and loads of Vitamin C .

Under the moon, Never go to bed just after dinner, take a lovely walk under the moon light, a good walk can help you burn 300 calories it also will help you relax and sleep well. 


20 tips

When you feel good within and without of yourself, it shows in everything you do, your confidence grows, you feel as if you have grown, your inner power is full on and you shine ! all day everyday

You deserve to feel and be this way and that is the only reason you need to do this, you, put yourself and your happiness on the top of your to do list………………today




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