The Law of Attraction is not to be blamed when things go wrong in your life, especially if you are desperately trying to apply the Law of Attraction into your everyday success. The state of your career, bank account, social position is your up to now manifestation of your thinking, the Law of Attraction is not magic, but you are, you have that magic key to the destiny of your life.


LOA magic

You hold the magic, and this is not silly talk, think about your position now, your life in general, and then think about how you think ! Truthfully, there is no point in fooling yourself here, no one is listening to your answer except yourself, good, so by doing this, you may be getting my point. We truly are a product of our own thoughts, or in some cases the thoughts of what we have been led to believe. This is not your fault, and is also not the fault of the person who planted those thoughts at that time, this is a case of evolution ,times changing and traditions and morals turning full circle. Women now vote, women have bank accounts women work in the big world ,basically women now rock…..sorry guys you also…So, do you see where I am going with this, if you are happy with everything around you and the outcome of that, that’s great you are working your magic and use your power buttons in the right direction you are aligned with the universe and are forming a great partnership, now if things are not to great, don’t despair this can be repaired no matter what the circumstances may be and the great news is, you only need yourself to discover your inner magic.ย 

LOA magic 1

When you accept the fact that your previous thoughts and way of thinking have gotten you to where you are at, good/bad, right/wrong you are on the path to your true destiny. Knowing that by a change in how you see things and THINK things, your thoughts are working for you 24/7 so make them good ones, full of positivity why think that things will go wrong, see them and feel them as going right, it is the same amount of time and energy on your part, and you do not need the cooperation of anyone except yourself.


This is where you find your connection with yourself, you start your magical journey, you work with yourself and the universe, the universe will never let you down, even if you do not have what you want now in this moment, the universe has listened to your thoughts and that is what you have, think about this and be truthful, think about your thoughts and in what you believe,so if you want more, just ask ! You will find that your thoughts become intentions and to that you add action and then you make the magic !!

LOA magic 2

Never be afraid of your thoughts, the bigger the better, think them, feel them, see them …………………………………………….



Brooke Universal-Coach



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13 Comments on “YOU………..MAGIC & THE UNIVERSE……

  1. My beloved Mother would always say: “Stop Passing The Buck!” We are in charge of what makes our lives work or doesn’t. No one or nothing takes responsibility for our results, or lack of, but us. Personally, I’m happy knowing I have the Power of Choice in my life. I love feeling magical, and using this magic to create a life I love living. I also enjoy waving my magic wand around so that others can experience it; especially those who don’t quite get it…yet!!!


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