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Thank you one thousand times, one thousand likes, I love it,but I have to thank you all for making this happen for me, I thank you for following my blog, I thank you for your support, I thank you for your interest, I thank you for every nomination and I thank you for every time you pushed that like !! 

You can’t imagine what this really means to me and I think thank you is such a small way to show my appreciation, but we have no other word I can use, so we have to keep to the thank you, all I can add is that it is coming from my heart, and is sincerely felt and expressed. I am truly grateful………………THANK YOU 



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Have a great Sunday……………………………………………………


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Brain – We have to keep this going, we always need to exercise our brain just as we do our body, we need to keep our memory sharp and our skills even sharper. A good way to do this is with specialised games, or even the more traditional ones, rubic cubes, jigsaw puzzles, shapes and forms etc., Of course computer fanatics will be on the ball. Never to late to join the blogosphere !       


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Good Morning, to everyone, it’s the week end yet again and here we are !! However this week end looks as if we are going to be busy, with the A – Z Challenge, Niki’s Meet & Greet, it’s all happening and a fantastic opportunity for us all to meet, it’s amazing how many people we can meet in just two days, I met some lovely new blogosphere people yesterday, it’s a great way to find different and inspiring blogs and the opportunity to make new friends.  

Even though we are busy this week end, I hope you are all going to chill at some moment and take advantage of the week end, a little relax and quality family time, and don’t forget to reserve a little time for yourself, you really do deserve it.

It’s Spring, remember and the weather is a little warmer, maybe you can fit in a nice walk, a little one to one with nature, everything is starting to bloom, little shoots here and there the trees are becoming green again, we feel that we want to be outside more again, and it’s great for rising the spirits and wiping away the winter blues, clearing the mind and making space for all the new and exciting things to come. Your mind can be very similar to a full wardrobe, if you don’t take things out, you can’t put new things in, you have to create the space ! 

Depending on where you are in the world, you may even consider a BBQ, there is nothing better, than the smell of a good BBQ and eating El Fresco, any food tastes better outside,(even a sandwich and a good coffee) it maybe all in the mind, but most people agree, a nice glass of wine, friends, family what more could you wish for, so wherever you may be, and whatever you may be doing, have a great week end, recharge those batteries, clear the clutter, keep moving forward and enjoy yourselves……….be HAPPY !! 


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images Letter AAnxiety – This can be detected by sleeping badly, feel bad, can’t settle your attention on virtually anything, you are living on edge, and it is stopping you from going through a normal day.You can help yourself by, trying to spot was starts your anxiety going, try to start to exercise, this is great for releasing anxiety,distract yourself, focus on something that makes you happy, hold onto that thought and shift to this when you feel anxiety creeping in.



descarga (1) STRESS


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Don’t panic, this is not a challenge, I know we have one starting today, and another fantastic one for next month, this is just the name I thought was appropiate for this post. 

Strength, I am not talking about physical strength, this post is about inner strength, we seem to be always facing hurdles, bumps in the road even the Himalayas…. and at times it gets hard to carry on, but we do, why is that ? Emotional strength is something that women seem to be good at, I’m not saying men are not, but a higher percentage of women handle it better. Why ? maybe because we allow ourselves to cry, when you show your emotions this is not a sign of weakness, you show you are strong, and will get stronger, we also have hope(faith) that it will get better, and we have the strength to hold on. Your strength will always come from within, you know and trust yourself well enough to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we are born to survive, we can forgive easier although we carry the scars with us, it takes more strength to let go, than it does to hold onto something that is inevitable. (This is not a contradiction of above) we all know that there are certain things that are not ours to hold on to, we cannot stop death,it is the law of life,and in the case of a bad relationship, why would we want to hold on to something that is bad, it is not good for us, or the family involved in this, in these cases you have to be strong to let go, even when you know it is for the best. Everything that comes to try our strength, and it can be many things, the first thing you must realise is that it is your story, not anybody else, you need to own it completely, try to stand outside it and look in….you need to take one day at a time, I mentioned not long ago tomorrow has gone, we cannot change it and tomorrow is not here yet………


images strength 2

You can have financial, strength, professional strength, emotional strength but if you do not have spiritual strength, none of the rest matters. Strength not only shows the ability to persist but the ability to start over. When you have that feeling that little voice that says “I can’t do it” your louder inner voice will say “YES” you have the strength.

When a woman talks of wanting a strong man, she is not reffering to physical strength, she is talking about his emotional stability.

One of the secrets to strength is the power of loving yourself, if you truly love yourself, is there anything that you would not do for yourself ? To make yourself happy.  To walk your path, you have to understand it, this is why at times others have difficulty coming to terms with your reactions.It is a good policy to end your day with a positive thought, however hard it may be, tomorrow is another opportunity to heal, to grow stronger and to find yourself again. 

You have to remember that at times the aftermath can be worse, when you live through your trauma, whatever it may be, you have to first realise that it has happened, it is a fact, and that it is not your fault, it is the first step in moving forward and moving on.


images strength roses

These are for you, keep going, find your strength and keep moving forward.



A big, big thankyou to David, if you don’t know this blog, pop over straight away, and get yourself into tip top condition…. Personal trainer at the tip of your fingers, and a great person as well, what more could you want.

I was asked why did I start blogging, I think it was when seeing clients on a one to one, a pattern started to show, so it was my way of helping more than just my clients, and now I have extended my topics and just love what I do, and the feedback in comments and mails just inspires me to do more. I am very happy in my blogosphere world.

Any advice I could give to someone starting now, would be to express who you really are, follow your passion and always think of yourself as worthy.

I would once again like to thank David, for nominating me for this award, and allowing me to pass this award on.

I would like to nominate the following fantastic blogs:-     A whispered wind Lori Carlson       Welcome to my kitchen silviamagda



The Rules.

Write a post to show your award

Give a brief story of how your blog started

Give two advice notes to new bloggers

Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to your blog

Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

I would be very happy for you to accept this award, but you are under no obligation, if you have already recieved this award, that’s fine, just keep going and make others happy…. please let me know if you do decide to move forward with this………………we are going to make alot of people happy. 


I have recently been nominated for the “Liebster Award ” of which I am very honoured and take this pleasure in thanking my very kind   new blogosphere friend Niki , The Richness of a Simple Life. Who has a super blog, that must be viewed, some of you may know her through her famous Meet & Greet Week-ends, if not don’t miss out come and meet everyone. Another great challenge will be taking place on the 9th May, The kindness Challenge, pop over now and sign up, don’t miss this. 


liebster-award-a pink

I have been asked to answer the following 10 question’s sent to me by Niki, so here we go, 

1)   What did you write before you started blogging ?

Apart from a journal of my everyday bits & bobs, I can honestly say nothing. I have done a lot since, but’s that’s another question.

2)   Who did you first share your blog with ? 

No one……I just posted away, not everyday like I do now, it was more two/three times a week.And then the blogosphere started to share with me. It was a miracle !

3)   Who do you hope reads your blog most, or who do you hope does not ?

I love anyone that enjoys what I write about, and if they understand it or want to learn more I’m delighted, I honestly don’t think there is anyone that I would not like to read my blog !! cross my heart. 

4)   How long do you typically spend creating a post from start to finish to publish ?

This is a good one, I do have a problem at times with my mind going quicker than my fingers, it obviously depends on the length of the post, but generally an hour on the outside. I tend to always know what I want to get across, I like simplicity and try to stick to the basics of the matter at hand.

5)   Do you secretly hope for a post to go viral ? Why or why not ?

I have never really considered this, but, who would not like to go viral, your out there then !! would life ever be the same ? maybe not so that could make me think about the why not…………

Niki’s 5 Random question’s

6)   What piece of advice would you give your younger  self ? 

“You should of done this years ago ” And “Grow with your blog” “Blog on a regular basis or on the days you say you will”

7)   What smell takes you straight back to your childhood ?

This one is easy, my grandma would take me to a coffee house in the city, it was downstairs from street level and the moment we were at the top of those stairs you could smell the coffee, but it was real ground coffee, it was a Cardoma Coffee House, that combined with toasted tea cakes, was a real treat, we even travelled by train to get there ….

8)   If you had to move today, no question’s asked to another country, which would it be and why ?

La Toscana Italy, but it would have to be like the film ! just kidding but, it would be nice, I think I could move anywhere, there are so many beautiful countries in the world. Andorra would also be a great choice, sun, ski, snow..close to France and Spain, perfect………..

9)   If you could live in any time period (other than the present) what would it be and why ? 

I’ve thought about this for quite a while, but, maybe it would be the roaring twenties, as far as fashion was concerned it had to be the start of slight liberation for women, failing that I would probaly of been on the front line with the sufferajette  movement. 

10)  If a movie were to be made of your life, what would it be called and who would play you in the movie ?

I would have to call the movie, “Never ending Journey” and I think an ideal person would be Susan Sarandon.

My 10 question’s are:- 

1)   When you write your blog post, do you feel confident it will be liked or do you worry about the response.

2)   What made you begin to blog.

3)   Would you say you were extrovert or introvert

4)   Do you speak a second language, and if you do/did which would it be.

5)   Could you live alone and are happy with your own company

6)   If you were an animal, which would it be and why

7)   What would bring you the ultimate in happiness

8)   If you had the opportunity to do one thing that you have always wanted to do, what would it be

9)   What is your favourite food dish of all time !

10) Do you prefer city or country life

And NOW ………………this is who I would like to nominate !!


If you do not wish to accept this award, please do not feel you have to, the choice is yours, but it would be great if you do !! Please get back to me if you do wish to participate, so I can view your post.

Liebster Award rules

Thank your nominator

Share the award on your blog (save my image or find one on line, there are plenty to view)

Answer the ten quesrions

Ask 10 questions of your choice to your nominees

Notify your nominees.



Enjoy !!!



Image of kindness weekly challenge

Are you ready for this new challenge, 9th May 2016. It’s a 7 week challenge, all about Kindness, great and worthy topic. If you hav’nt signed up yet,…..what are you waiting for !


Go to, visit Niki and see for yourself the whole concept of this challenge, all the details are posted NOW……see you at the challenge. 


Life is like a movie. Write your own ending……………..                         keep believing ! 

Jim Henson


What you want to do and what you can do,                                                is limited only by what you can dream.

Mike Melville


Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.

George Sheehan


Today see if you can stretch your heart and expand your love so that it touches not only those to whom you can give it easily, but also those who need it so much.

Daphne Rose Kingma


images easter flowers yellow

Hoping you are all having a good day, and for those of you that are still on the Easter long week end, enjoy, before starting your week tomorrow (at least its a shorter week) take a moment and give the above thoughts a moment of your time, take them into your week and let a little magic in !

TICK TOCK……………………

Today is one of those days, tick tock tick tock you go against the clock all day long, I have been into the city today and it really playsimages clock violet

havoc with your normal time table, and the added stress, how do you catch up, and it’s a fiesta day in part of my region, so the traffic is double, some people just don’t seem to realize that sight seeing and driving are two totally different things, especially when they do it at the same time ! However, we just try to catch up the best way we can. images clock paris

But, have you noticed that the day your routine changes, and you can’t avoid it, it’s always the day you have to make a special meal,the day you really wanted to work on a special assignment, or prepare your post as you would normally. So this is my way of saying “I’m sorry about my post today, and hope to provide a worthy read tomorrow” Have a great evening or day, depending on your little place on earth, be happy and let’s hope that the tick tock is kinder to you today, than it has been to me………………….

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images Families

Most of us, love family tradition, Family traditions create positive feelings in families, they create memories, they strenghen your family bonds, they enrich the life you share and give general well-being.

Tradition’s can be annually, but they can even be daily, eating one meal a day together, is a tradition, with the tv, mobile devices etc., it is so easy to loose face to face conversation, and finally your re-connect each day time. Eating daily together can be valuable time, for everyone to express how they are and what is new in their life.


images family that eat together

Annual events are probaly the most popular due to families growing and starting their own families and tradition’s, which may vary a little to accomodate new members, but respect the original traditions of the original family incorporating the new members, we have Christmas probaly the biggest of them all, which most families split over the two principal days, one day with one family and the second with the new family, when it is not possible for them all to be together. Then we have New Year, Easter, Birthday’s, Weddings, Halloween etc., these are all times when families have the wonderful occasion to be together and enjoy. These are the times when family photo’s should always be taken, they also form part of the memories we hold. Memories are usually emotional and we miss people dear to us that are no longer here, this is why family traditions should never be forgotten, they hold an importance to all of us. Now we have Easter, which I am sure we all hold some form of tradition, children looking for easter eggs, that the easter bunny will hide from them, hidden within a garden or there secret place, others that holding their faith will attend the church, families will be together, and where it is not possible, due to obligation’s distance etc., they will be with us in our hearts always. 

Never let your tradition’s go, they are your joy of your NOW and your memories of tomorrow. In this fast moving world we loose so many things but this should not be one of them, and this is down to us to keep them alive.


Today is the day, we are requested to reveal our theme for the exciting A-Z challenge !A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvib.jpg Reveal theme

So…………………this is mine, I hope my imagination can expand enough to bring you an A to Z  during the month of April on……Mind and Happiness !!


A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvib

Are you ready ?


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