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I know it is the summer time, and some of you may be experiencing high temperatures, I’m here with 38/40 degrees, its HOT !! However the point I was going to make is, are we boiling our brains and overdoing this “I’m not enough business” between doubt, fear, panic, self-esteem etc………………………………. When are we going to get the message of what we are worth…….A … Read More OPEN YOUR HORIZONS…..


You may feel that if you have a pessimist attitude, it is a permanent fixture in your life, this is not true, A pessimist can learn to be an optimist by learning new habits, it is not that difficult, it’s just a case of explaining to yourself another way of doing things. When an optimist is looking for another step up in their working … Read More CHANGE YOUR LIFE !!!!!


This is my second RESPECT Award,which I accept with great pleasure and respect for my nominator, Daisy, if you don’t know Daisy, go straight across to her blog, and meet a very brave, intelligent young women, who hosts a fantastic blog, you will love the experience and you will love Daisy, a very passionate and varied blog, which you will want to visit … Read More RESPECT AWARD…………………………


I would just like to say, an enormous Thank you to you all for the beautiful comments I have received regarding the wedding of my son, this last week-end, I truly cherish them all and I am so grateful for all of you being there always………..I appreciate every single one of you.   As I could go on and on about this occasion (don’t … Read More FROM ME TO YOU ………….


This post is for all of you, for being there, at my Happy Event, I am so grateful for your support and comments, I can very happily tell you that over 100 of you called by to view or comment, this is tremendous for me, as this was my first Happy Event, and yes, it has made me very happy indeed. I would also … Read More YOU WERE THERE !!!

FOR MY FATHER………………………..

Happy Father’s Day, to all the angel’s in heaven…….        


Tai Chi, A gentle way to fight stress, an exercise of internal energy, another form of energy healing. Tai Chi was originally a martial art, developed in the 13th century in China. Today it is a healthy exercise with many health benefits, different styles practised around the world, by any age group. Any age group can participate in this wonderful activity, it can reduce … Read More TAI-CHI..


Reiki, is a Japanese technique, created in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, it is used to reduce stress and induce relaxation that can provide healing.It is applied by “laying on hands” it is a spiritual healing made from two Japanese words, Rei and Ki. Rei- which means Universal life energy/God’s wisdom and the Higher power Ki-life force energy.  Reiki is a spiritual, vibrational … Read More REIKI


Transforming suffering ; The point that has to be borne in mind is that the reason why reflection on suffering is so important is because there is a possibility of a way out : there is an alternative. There is a possibility of freedom from suffering.   Initially, of course, feelings of grief and anxiety are a natural human response to a loss. But … Read More TUESDAY MORNING TUNE IN


Misunderstood, what a word ! Do you know how many emotions can be involved in the meaning of misunderstood, we all feel misunderstood at some point in our life, it can bring, frustration, hurt, pain, even love. Misunderstood, is usually when the other person/s hears you,but does not listen, misunderstood is not some one shouting out I’m right, quite the opposite it is having … Read More MISUNDERSTOOD ?


June, the sixth month of the year, where did those first six months of the year go, they seem to have flown by. Time is really going far to quickly later, I hope that is not a sign of old age !! They do say the time goes quicker as you age, I personally think it is when you have children, you turn around … Read More JUNE..WHERE DOES TIME GO !!


This is another section connected to my emails, which I feel is valid a post.  It is not uncommon to find children now, with 2 Mummy’s or 2 Daddies,and to them it is perfectly normal if handled in the right way by Mummy and Daddy. In fact, it is probably more difficult for the adult to come to terms with it, than the child … Read More MUMMY X 2 DADDY X 2

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