You have to see the splendor of this, if you find the video long, don’t miss the Kings !! 

I hope you enjoy, this is the final Christmas celebration, tomorrow is Fiesta (Kings Day)…………………………….


  1. Now that is pageantry ! It must be so special in person. Thanks for sharing. (Makes me feel a bit guilty for taking down my Christmas decorations before today) ☺


    • It really is fantastic, the air is filled with excitement and the children’s faces are so special, they also do a Moros & Christianos in May, Alcoy is know all over Spain for these two fiestas. They go back to the late 1800 really amazing, so pleased you enjoyed.

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  2. Reblogged this on theutopiauniverse and commented:

    This is all happening this evening, it truly is spectacular and very Spanish, the Three Kings will arrive all over Spain this evening, great presents if your good, but a sack of coal if you have been naughty !!


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