Magic, magic everywhere, we all have magic within but do we use it, do we have magic in our lives, if we don’t, we only have ourselves to blame, when we were young, we had magic every day and everywhere. Our imagination took us everywhere we wanted to be and we became whoever we wanted to be, we were pirates, cowboys, fairies, and even a princess or prince !! some of us were even Kings and Queens………..and superheroes… we could fly, live underwater, talk to our toys, our imagination was unstoppable, so why can’t we do this now, on an adult scale, it would be interesting to see if the Kings and Queens are now prosperous and happy people, did they maintain the high esteem of ruling the land into there adult life, did there dream come true and did they use their personal magic……………………

magic 1

The great writer ROALD DAHL wrote “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it ”

Magic is invisible, but it appears in your life, many times, the magic of life is real, as real as you and I bet you are responsible to bring it into your life, do not let your adult side take that away from you, yes you now have more responsability etc., but you have’nt forgotten how to dream, how to express yourself, in your secret world, this is something that you do not have to relay on anyone except yourself, you your dreams, your thoughts, what we didn’t have as children is the knowledge of pure gratitude, yes we were taught to say thank you, but the wonders of the world were not within our vision at the time, the ability to feel true gratitude for everything we have around us, as they say the sun, the moon and the stars, if we feel gratitude and spread the magic, through our thoughts and action’s, we can once again have magic in our lives every day, the more we give the more we receive, bring magic into your life, a life full of magic is a life full of happiness and abundance.

magic 2

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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