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Expressing gratitude is one of the daily attitudes that can help us to be happy and healthy. It is not just a form of courtesy, it is a known fact that our brain becomes younger every time we accept that life helps us in a spontaneous way, many ways and it is one of the best gifts we receive on a daily basis. 

We go through life doing extreme things and taking on extreme responsibility just to get us to where we want to go, we think that maybe to achieve more time we need to accumulate more stress, we go at a speed zapping through mental images and clicking away on the keyboard of our phone’s and computers, to find us later coming up with a thousand and one excuses about how and why we do it. The bad news is that 90% of these cases do not work it does not give us more time or the hope to enjoy that we wished for, however, what is curious is that if we stop and sit, and just say thank you, a simple thank you we find the time we need and enjoy doing something of fun, everything can just turn around and time seems to stretch out for us, and we have no idea how this started or how?

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When we activate our inner energy, we realize, that science is demonstrating that gratitude can mobilize a great number of positive sentiments, which allow us to feel happier, and freer physically this is the reason why we feel more receptive and with more abundance. There is also proof that we have considerable changes within our brian, grateful people are happier because they have a habit of being grateful which is like dopamine provoking a  positive experience in relation to people who don’t have this habit or give gratitude in their life. 

Today could be the perfect day to start to show your gratitude, today you can awaken your inner resources to better your life. There are many ways, as this does not depend on our state of mind or emotions, it is about our attitude, nothing changes if you don’t change, to be grateful helps in all positive aspects of people and their situations. 

You can practice in your workplace, when you practice gratitude to recognize your efforts and that of others it prevents any stagnant situations, imagine if there was a gratitude day within your workplace, what kind of difference would it make? If you introduced cultural kindness, gratitude makes us feel more useful, it helps us to create more and have an extra spur of energy, when you are the boss, saying thank you to your staff is one of the best motivation injections you can give, when you introduce, “An emotional salary” in your workplace, things really start to change this refers to any kind of retribution, not economical that your worker can obtain, this creates more positivity and an increase within the workforce, this also creates a better and happier working environment. Gratitude can also work really well in your personal relationships, do you know how many advantages you have with gratitude, it makes you a kind considerate person, and when the attitude is on both sides the couple becomes much stronger and together. Both parties feel better in the relationship and at the time to discuss problems or worries you will both feel freer to discuss these matters and more so if it is referring to you both and internal differences. We let a lot of little things go within a relationship, but if you are grateful for each other and feel that gratitude it will allow you to keep moving forward and not be held back by these difficulties.

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Take the time to acquire patience, recuperate your motivation, be thankful for what you have and know how to practice gratitude, note what you are grateful for, mentally thank yourself, observe the benefits you receive, learn how to subtract and not just add, make the most of the good things in life, choose the right moment for what you wish to do. 

Do you have gratitude in your life?


Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach 

6 Comments on “THE POWER OF GRATITUDE…………………..

  1. I am grateful for your post. I try to practice gratitude daily, and most of the times I do, but it never hurts to be reminded. So thanks for the reminder today to express my gratitude. I have so much for which I am thankful. ❤


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