Magic,magic everywhere,we all have magic within,but do we use it,,do we have magic in our lives,if we don’t,we only have ourselves to blame,when we were young,we had magic everyday and everywhere. Our imagination took us everywhere we wanted to be and we became who ever we wanted to be, we were pirates,cowboys,faires,and even a princess or prince !! some of us were even Kings and Queens………..and super heroes… we could fly,live under water,talk to our toys,our imagination was unstoppable,so why can’t we do this now,on an adult scale, it would be interesting to see if the Kings and Queens are now prosperos and happy people,did they maintain the high esteem of ruling the land into there adult life,did there dream come true and did they use there personal magic……………………

magic 1

The great writer ROALD DAHL wrote “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it ”

Magic is invisible,but it…

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