Every day I am amazed at the people I have around me here in my blogosphere, it is incredible at the talent and knowledge we actually have here, and how we continually enjoy each post.

So, how many of us are leading our best life, or would like to, when we are positive in a no-nonsense fashion and an honest approach to life, this will make a great start to a better and best life, when you are just yourself and work on what you see is what you get, the authentic you will shine through when you spend most of your life trying to be who you are not, life can become complicated and difficult, it is hard to be someone else 24 hours a day. When you are you it is so refreshing and comfortable to be around, people love you for who you are, not what you have or think you are, people may go along with you, but never underestimate other people, they can be far more perceptive than you think!!

If you have a problem holding on to things from your past, you have to let it go, whatever it is that is bringing you down, will not go away if you do not make that decision… when you are free of these feelings and doubts, your true creative juices will start to flow and you become the real you, the one you should be looking for? When you have something you wish to do in your life, you have to do it, this could be your true passion, and it is there always in your mind, don’t live a life thinking of what you should have done, do it!!

When we have down moments in our life, which are quite normal and believe me there is nobody that does not have this at some stage, the secret is to face what happens to you with bravery and courage, and never think “why me” the why is your learning something, someone else is not!! It may seem harsh but when we learn we grow and we grow into another dimension of our life, always grab life by the horns and take the ride, I recently heard a quote that I love “we have two lives and the second begins when you realize you only have one” this is one of the reasons I strongly feel that it is never too late to change or do anything, if you feel it, do it, who said it is too late…….it is only you and your thoughts that do that, you can, in fact, go for whatever you wish at any time, never doubt that, its all down to you.

We all need to process various things in our lives, both good and bad, and this is an excellent time to focus on something entirely out of your norm, it will help you to transition into your new circumstances whatever they may be, it gives you that opportunity to become and to get the best out of your life! You deserve it and you can have it, don’t think about it anymore, just do it!

Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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