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An affirmation involves connecting with our inner power, to create the wanted outcome, and asserting positive beliefs. It is also important that you believe that you have already received it, and this way you will receive what you desire into your life.  

The difference between a prayer and an affirmation, in prayer you would ask for assistance and with an affirmation you would  ask for guidance to what you desire. An affirmation is the certainty to being guided to your goal, regardless of your situation.

In the Law of Attraction it is known that thoughts give magnetic energy and this in turn gives you a frequency which will bring to you more of the same, when you stay focused on what you want and request in your affirmation it will be drawn into your life.

Many believe that by using affirmations you set in motion the forces that enable us to get what we request.

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However affirmations have to be accompanied by positive thought and belief, we need to have power, our inner power in our thoughts, and know to trust the guidance we receive. With negative thought we receive negative results, and by complaining to our friends and family we are counteracting our affirmation.

 When we use affirmations in the correct way we pull everything together, we align ourselves with the universe, god,higher power and this allows ourselves to be guided to that good. We are helping to design our outcome that’s possible in our life. 

With faith, visualization and affirmations we can plan our life, knowing that the possibilities are in continual abundance, we always give gratitude to the universe,for meeting our every need. 

images (4) Last affirmation

What will your affirmation be ? We all at times have moments when we don’t know the way we want to go in life, we could be a teenager or we could be in our fifty’s, it’s not easy for everyone, but not impossible. So it is important to choose your affirmation well.

Brooke Universal Life Coach  

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  1. Oh, I love that quote. And thank God our current situation isn’t our final one because I need to move forward. Where I am right now is a struggle. Great post.

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