When we realize how life can pass us by, can you really tell me,why we insist on holding on to trivial things, or for that matter big matters, time passes so quickly and life is for us to be happy and content, not to spend what we have wondering what “if”, let things go, go on with life, enjoy what and who you have, it’s a wonderful place to be, if you decide to join it…………….”Life & LIving is the best club in the world”

Brooke Universal Life Coach





8 Comments on “OH LET IT GO

  1. Because our trauma is our own, our life experiences, even bad ones, belong to us, and it is not as simple as letting go, when that means letting go of lost loved ones. Over-simplifiying grief and damage is minimizing it and devaluing experience. OK, let go the fact that Aunt R never got you a Christmas gift, but the big stuff? To suggest that can simply be, or should be let go of, is a little crass.


    • I thank you for your comment, but as you have pointed out it is our own, I have also lost someone very dear to me, far more important than any Aunt R that confused my gift, I am merely stating that to live our life in total sadness or grief is not good for us and probably would be the last thing a loved one would want for us, my intention is far from wanting to over-simplify anything or to devalue a situation.


      • You come across as being somewhat judgmental and dictatorial. You let go how you wish…but to judge others for not…to be frank is quite awful.


      • I am far from judgemental or dictorial,and never have or would tell anyone what or how to do something, maybe the person being over judgemental, could in this moment be yourself, which I also find quite awful.


      • “Oh let it go” is a demand and one that is full of scorn. You can’t see how it could hurt someone grieving for a lost loved one?


      • You obviously have a problem with this, or yourself, I am afraid I have no intention of writing to you all week long, it is obvious that there is nothing intentional to anyone, it is a straight forward quote, you are in your right to take it as you see fine! No one else seems to have ………………..


      • I am off out shortly..but the single MOST painful attitude towards grief and loss that I have had to endure is being told to ‘get over it’, let it go, “it’s in the past.” It will NEVER be in the past. Not ever. Whatever works for others, that’s fine, but please be careful not to hurt other people with demands they move on.


      • I have never demanded anyone of anything, or would do so, I also suffer from loss, and I have never requested that you personally “get over it,”It’s in the past” etc.,


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