How many of us can actually explain the word love, it’s true meaning in all it’s glory, it really does cover such a vast range, yet sadly we normally relate to the love of our partner and family, when it can be used for so many things, our love of life, our love of nature when we truly love to do something it is all about emotion, the wonderful feeling we have inside but we never relate to it in the same way.

The same is to be said of ourselves, they say, that if we don’t love ourselves how can we love anyone or anything else. Love is a unique state of mind, and we can magnify our feelings of love.

When we think of how we feel when we express love, should be a lesson for us to learn, love is something that cannot wait, life is to short, don’t ever leave it to late, express it in your daily life,with all the beauty we have around us, we see beautiful scenery, which fills us with that wonderful feeling, we have pets that we feel so deeply for, we have parents, children and grand children that all create that feeling of love.

We all have up’s and down’s in our life, but what many do not realise is that when we keep the feeling of love with us, our natural vibration is at it’s highest level,(our energy frequency) we give of good vibrations, good energy and when we are in this state, it is when our life goes well for us, when we are filled with jealousy and bad feelings things do not work out how we would like it to, this only brings low vibrations and low energy,

” For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

When we look to the Universal laws, (The law of Attraction) for what our heart desires, for what we want in our life, when we believe, we acquire a knowing, a profound feeling that the universe will come through for us, for the love we have, when we open up to love in all aspects of our life, we  know we will receive this infinite love back. When someone loves you they shower you with  gifts, love or care and want you to be happy and content with everything in your life, when you realise that the universe loves you,and hold this true believe your life will begin to change, true unconditional pure love is the highest vibration,open yourself up to universal love, and live a life full of abundance.

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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