Did you know that when you become anxious over a matter and feel anxiety, stress etc., the next two hours are possibly when you are the closest to having a heart attack, the quicker you learn how to calm down after any kind of upset the further away you take yourself, for this not to happen

remain calm

When we concentrate on our respiration, it immediately helps to calm us down, when we become nervous our heart suffers, and the heart muscle becomes weak,as the situation becomes more dangerous, we pump more blood as we let out hormones and this is too much for the heart, we also triplicate the risk of cholesterol, when we are under stress we generate more energy and we need more fatty acids and glucose substances that requires the liver to produce more cholesterol.

Our blood pressure goes up in the clouds and keeps raising with stress and anxiety, in difficult moments concentrate on your breathing, when you are in a situation, place your right hand on your chest and your left hand on your lower stomach, breathe from the abdomen , taking the air slowly and deeply through the nose, hold for a few seconds and let it out though the mouth. You can also use a paper bag, and breath through the bag in the same way, when you breath quickly due to stress/anxiety, this is when you can become dizzy .


Practise relaxation methods progressively , lie down and concentrate on different muscle groups in this order, 

1.   Face  Raise your eye brows, crush up the nose and close your eyes, push together your lips and release.

2.   Shoulders   Raise them up and release

3.   Chest   Fill your lungs with air and release it slowly though the mouth 

4.   Abdomen   Push inwards and release.

5.   Hands   Close hands into fists raise to shoulder level and release

6.   Thighs   Tense the muscle and allow to raise slightly of the floor and relax

7.   Feet    Try to raise towards your head and release, relax 


Do you tend to suffer from stress and anxiety,do you suffer from having no patience, you are easily irritated, you are always in a rush, you have difficulty expressing your emotions, you feel resting or doing nothing as a waste of time, if you feel you are  any of things, you need to start working on improving  it and attempt to resolve as soon as possible.

keep calm



Brooke – Universal Coach








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