If there was ever a time to consider your relationship with the Universe, it is NOW…As we waver through these troubled times, it is a perfect moment to learn how to listen, when we are full of worry and doubt regarding our future and maybe even everything we have worked for, The Universe always listens to you ……..which is why we sometimes receive what we don’t want, but the fact that we are thinking in negative terms is the message we are sending out to the Universe and it is delivering exactly what you really asked for! the Universe does not see any difference between good and bad, it simply delivers your request, so just imagine, if your turn your negative worrying thoughts into more positive ones, imagine all the magic that can appear in your life, listen to what the Universe is telling you, let the Universe guide you through your inner thoughts, your gut instinct, your little voice in your head, however the communication arrives, take note and act…………………..

This could be a great turning point in your life,

Brooke Universal Life Coach





2 Comments on “YOU AND THE UNIVERSE…………………………………………………………..

  1. I was just affirming with my husband yesterday that we are still blessed and flourishing while in this drought, drought being the lockdown and the loss of work for my husband etc. I know if we get caught up in the negative thinking the universe will only bring more of that to us, so I am trying my best to take hold of my thoughts and keep them positive! Thanks for sharing! 💜


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