The courage you need to make this journey in life, has to be a singular, you can learn from others, you can value the experience that others have collected on their journey, but, when you step out there alone, you understand every moment of your journey and experience, you will enjoy all the knowledge you will acquire. This will be down to you, and only you, it is a path to walk alone.

Brooke Universal Life Coach

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  1. But sometimes we need an inspiration, someone or something inspiring and motivating us….. What happens when there’s no inspiration and motivation?


      • Sorry to ask this…. What if your inspiration is someone you love so much?…… Sometimes just the presence of someone in your life is enough inspiration and motivation for you to keep pushing and fighting….. How do I cope if all of a sudden she isn’t there anymore?


      • I know they are always there in our hearts…. She’s still there in my heart, she’s always gonna be there but it’s not the same cus she’s so mad at me and I think she never wants to speak to me again, I’ve lost all focus….. I really can’t do without her…. She might not know this but she’s my inspiration…hearing just the sound of her voice inspires me so much.


      • I would think that you are probably still there in her heart also, but at times we are confronted in life with circumstances that can be bigger than we are, …………………


      • But that doesn’t mean she has to ignore me….. It hurts…. Trust me I understand that sometimes circumstances can be bigger, is it bigger than what we feel for each other…. I’ve tried talking to her, I’ve even snapped at her just to get her to talk to me but she wouldn’t…. Sincerely I’d give my life just to make her happy… I just want her to her to tell me everything is gonna be fine as long as we have each other…. Talking to me would be a nice start


      • I understand your situation I really do, but, have you ever thought that she may be going through something that is troubling her, that she has not discussed with you or anyone, maybe she is dealing with a heavy load, most situations always have an explanation ……………..


      • I have thought about that and that’s why I want to talk to her, she keeps declining my calls…. I really worry about her… I don’t want her to feel alone….she doesn’t have to go through anything alone… I love her to the moon and back and I’d do anything for her… No matter what we go through, it’s always gonna get better…. I’m gonna try to call her again, I hope she answers this time… I just hope


      • Maybe there is a strong reason why she can’t take your calls at this moment, although it may seem so unfair to you, the reason maybe one of great weight and importance for her, so I hope for you also


      • But she doesn’t have to lift the great weight alone, whatever it is, we are stronger together, it’s always she and I against the world, although we are very different but we didn’t care about what other people think of us as long as we were happy together…. I used to talk to her everyday, the sound of her voice was glorious and angelic… I’d give anything just to hear her voice again, she’s so beautiful in every way….. she was always there for me even it was difficult for her, she’d make me laugh when there was no reason to, she’d lift me up when I’m so down… I won’t let her face anything alone, I know she’s really strong, I call her my superwoman but no way I’m gonna let her suffer or lift that weight alone


      • She is very lucky to have you …….I’m sure she knows that, but at times we all find it difficult to see the wood for the tree’s……….


      • I am lucky to have her too…… She wouldn’t give up on us just like that, we’ve been through a lot together…… It’s not the same without her……..I don’t know what to do…. What do you think I should do?


      • I always say everything happens for a reason, maybe there is a reason here that is making that contact not possible? A viable reason ………..


      • I know that now…. And I think I messed up, I don’t want lose her and I just want her to be okay….. Thanks a lot… You’ve been so helpful…. From your number one fan

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