Did you know that we gain most of our experience from the MISTAKES we make, our FAILURES help us along our journey of life. Without these experiences we would miss out on so much, we would be unaware of the pot holes, maybe waiting for us, when we stumble and fall, we learn two things, one is from the question at hand and the second is to learn how to pick ourselves up after the fall, dust ourselves down and to get back on track, you know they tell you if you love horses and have a fall the secret is to get back on the horse straight away, never give time for another reaction to set in, keep positive at all times, remember what you have learnt from your experience, this is positive and you must remain that way, we have no room in our life for anything, shape size or circumstance that is negative what so ever, no matter what it may be,everything has a positive side, focus on that and prepare to move forward, plan your action and act on it. Visualise how you are going to put it all together .

life & passion

The more you work at your goal, and accumulate your experiences you will finally arrive at a wonderful place where your actual work is pure pleasure, because you are doing exactly what your heart desires, and your work does not feel like work at all, is that not a perfect place in life to be……………

As you accumulate your experiences it is proof to you, that you are out there doing your extreme best, trying to obtain your perfect life, that in turn will come to you,this is way “try” is not a bad word, it is part of your learning process, no matter what profession you choose and no matter at what age…..It is not written anywhere age conditions circumstances etc for you not to reach your perfect point, your goal, your desire, what is important is that you get there, and everything flows into one, pleasure, work, achievement 


Only you know what you want and how it will feel, you are not in the search of perfection, you are in the search of your point and happiness. You know the saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, but try again “


Everyday is a new day, a new start to what ever you want it to be ! Never mis-use a new day. 



Brooke – Universal Coach.

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