Eating is one of the biggest pleasures we possible have and enjoy…………and would be even more so if we took care of our inside,which would reflect on the outside, that healthy glow that we admire in others……………………………………………………..


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Here are some important points to obtain this and there are no excuses !!

If you work all day at home/office/factory you probaly take less than 20 mins,unless it’s a sandwich to eat, you need to take your time,chew properly to stop digestive problems later,and also if less time is taken, the brain will not recieve the message that we are full,this is when we tend to overeat,if this is also done quickly the digestive problem will stay with you all day.This will reflect in your face and your stomach area will be bloated,the healthy glow will be missing.

Don’t eat carbohydrates after 4 pm, this is simply down to the energy you use, eaten before this time,your body has time to work it through,morning are for taking in your energy need, the afternoons are for repairing and replacing of energy for the next day, if you eat carbohydrates later they will not be consumed and only be badly stored.

Hold on tight to antioxidants, you need to eat food with this rich content, it will help to protect you from premature ageing you will find high content in fish,fruit,carrots,toms and green leaf vegetables,chicken and veal.

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Its important to have a little pleasure also, sugar is one of them,this will revitalise and encourage the freedom of endorfinas when you eat cakes and desserts just remember to compensate the following day.

For your body to react well at all times and have that healthy glow, you need to mantain a varied daily diet that should include proteins, eggs, meat this will give you energy, better eaten in the first part of the day, and fish,dried fruits in the latter part of the day, leaving you more relaxed after dinner.

Rest from fast foods, but not forever,these foods contain salt and fat saturates, these foods can be eaten ocasionally. They are related  directly to the cause  of diabetis and obesity.

You should always leave the table before you are full, a little trick is to chew 10 times each time you take food, this will give you a feeling of being satisfied without over doing it.

Always have water with you and drink at least 1-2 liters a day,don’t forget this can also be taken in tea. Only drink tap water if you know it is good high quality, the mineral intake is important.


healthy day 1

It is very advisable to drink a glass of red wine,wine has the ability to protect your heart and has vitamins which are good for your skin.Alcohol in general is not good for us,so moderation is very important.

If you have the opportunity due to your work or busy schedule to eat every three hours (5 meal plan daily) you will find that you don’t arrive at your principle meal times feeling really hungry.This way you avoid over eating and bad digestion problems.

I hope this little guide helps you to feel better inside and out and find your special healthy glow.


Brooke Universal Life Coacg




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