Over the past months I have received quite a few mails regarding the rights and wrongs of the wonderful world of motherhood, there really is no right or wrong in general common sense terms, we all love,educate and care for our children from the heart and no two hearts are the same.The one main part that maybe new parents don’t realise is that your job is a lifetime long, no matter how old are children are they are always a child to the parent………..and that the love for a child is very different from that of our life partner, so from a humurous point of view

stressed mother 4

Which kind of mother are you?

THE PERMISIVE MOTHER….As their children break everything they find within the home, she sighs and stats “Children should make their own way without the pressure of the parents”

THE CYBER MOTHER…Takes approx 700 photos every month with her digital camera. In all of them appear her children and immediately publish’s them onto the social media,then talks with mother’s all over the world.

THE HYSTERICAL MOTHER…When crossing the road with her children,that no car comes within 200 meters of them,or she will attack shouting and screaming,”can’t you see I’m with my children”! How you can tell you don’t have children.

THE TRAVELLING MOTHER…Everyone knows her at school, the one that parks an enormous 4×4 double parked outside the school gates.

THE PROSE MOTHER…Has sufficient money to send her children to private schools, but decides on a public school so their children will live the real life and not in a bubble.

THE NEW AGE MOTHER…Her children will never try lemonade, the first time they try green tea and gag, she notes it’s natural and better,so they will just have to get used to it.

THE ANIMAL LOVER MOTHER…She takes her parents old dog to her home,then she takes a cat and adopts another dog, finds another cat that loves her children’s bedroom. Her children grow surrounded by animals like Tarzan and Jane and she say’s we are all a big family.

THE OCCUPIED MOTHER…Virtually has no time for her children, she see’s them on her mobile or computer screen,the house keeper takes care of most things,if not grandparents and outside extra activities at school.She is the envy of stay at home mothers who see her pass by with one million plans a day, this envy is to no good, not many realise that she holds the same envy for their life style.

This is based on a humourous summary, but some of you may identify with some phrases, however all of us who are mother’s know, that at the end which ever kind of mother you are, you only want the best,all children will rebel at some point in their lives,but they generally thank you in the long run, it may be many years coming, so hang on in there and remember to love from the heart. Happy parenting !!!!!

Brooke Universal Life Coach





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