0911b957f9c40cad7a405f1c3d747b21 runrabbtrunWith great pleasure I have accepted this award from Lotte, who very bravely puts herself our there at https://runrabbitrunptsd.wordpress.com this is an amazing blog, that is written by a true survivor, if you have not visited this blog to date, pop over and introduce yourself to Lotte, and have a good look at what she has to say, she is a lovely young woman, who has the courage many would envy. So I thank you for considering me for this award, that previously was the Blogger Recognition Award, that you have put your personal seal on. Congratulations to you……………….

When I started Β this blog, I knew very little about blogging and even less about my computer, which I dearly call my little box, we still disagree butΒ we seemed to have struck a happy chord, along the way, and I try to keep up the best I can,it’s a machine and I a mere human! On a personal view, I wanted to pay back or maybe pay forward would be a better explanation, I love to help others and that’s what I wanted to do, since I decided to blog everyday I now have a wonderful community, that feel like true friends to me, I get to answer lovely comments and questions, and love my blogosphere life, I meet lots of different people from all walks of life, that under other circumstances would have lost these great moments with equally great people, I appreciate every single one of you. Who follow me and the blogs I follow are very varied subjects, so I feel that I get an opportunity to learn everyday, which I enjoy and think is a really great way to learn.

When asked to give advice to new bloggers, I can only say, be who you are, don’t be afraid to get yourself out there, and express what you feel you need to, be constant, you don’t have to blog everyday, but if you say once a week twice, whatever is best for you, do it, because as you grow, someone somewhere will be waiting for your post, and always try to reply to your comments and interaction with fellow bloggers, we do at times miss a comment or so, due to your little box or an oversight, this is human, but if people take the time to read and comment to you, they deserve a reply, this is important.

Now this is the difficult part, for me !! Everyone deserves to be nominated, which is why it is so nice when people accept and this blogger recognition spreads around with love all over our blogosphere.On saying that I perfectly understand when people decline, this is not a problem and never should be, this is not an obligation.

My nominees are:-Β 






You will see that all the above blogs are different,and all interesting in their own way, I hope you enjoy.

The Rules:-

Thank the blog who nominated you, share the link and award on your blog.

Write a brief story on how you started blogging and any advice you would give to a new blogger.

Select nominees (max 15)

Advise nominees.



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