images (4) afternoon beach

What a perfect day, should have done this weeks ago, you really don’t realise yourself how you need to disconnect and float away. The heat on the beach is so different, than a normal day, the breeze coming in of the sea, just takes that edge away, it helps you to relax, your comfortable within your body and the sound of the water, is so soothing.Β 

These kind of days help to clear your head, your heart even your soul, to be at one with pure nature and not let any other thought invade your space, is truly a luxury, (you have to help this happen also) at times it is difficult to switch off, but on special days like today I decided to make the effort !! I deserve it, we all deserve it….. we really do return refreshed with new ideas and a feeling of wellbeing, although very tired, doing nothing at times can leave you in a worse state than working 24/7 however, when you sleep, you just drift away to another place, probably one of the best nights sleep in months. I know you all cannot get to the beach, and i also know for some of you it is winter time, but we all have our favourite little spot or place, make an effort, for yourself, even if it’s just an hour, you and your luxury, take a nice hot bath, no phones no disturbance and disconnect, totally, if you are looking for relaxation, you will find it, if you are looking for inspiration you will find it, give it a go and remember you deserve this and much more……………….go spoil yourself.Β 

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