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After going through colours recently, and how we can re-act,(Colour therapy 31.03.2016) I thought it might be an interesting post to discover the Mandala, the main reason this therapy was introduced was to provide a way in which to express our emotions other than verbally. We also have the opportunity to get in touch with our unconscious aspect of our self. 

In Buddhism it is known as the sacred circle, In many different countries people create Mandalas as part of making a wish or prayer. Some doctors have patients make Mandals to help them express feelings and for self discovery. In ancient times, the circular motif appears as a satisfying and meaningful form of expression. The circle is connected with the forces of nature. It represents the earth and moon and of course the sun is also round, even the memory of being encircled and firmly in our mother’s womb. To draw and paint the Mandala is beneficial when we are passing through a difficult time, it can be used as a tool for self discovery and healing, especially in transition or crisis. 

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The benefits of drawing and painting of Mandalas:-

Relieve tension anxiety fear & worry

Relax & heal the mind body & spirit

Release repressed feelings & emotions

Freedom to express feelings in a non threatening way

Stimulate creative thinking & problem solving

Also the act of drawing the circle, is a protective space where we can express are feelings, there is no right or wrong way to do a Mandala,we do not need to be Dali or Picasso, it is a reflection of the energies moving within you. It is a representation of your emotional state at the time of your painting. 

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All you need to do this , is white paper and colouring materials,which ever you prefer, just try to have a wide range of colours for your choice. A compass for the circle maybe handy, if not I am sure you can find something even a pot lid, the better the ambience where you are is important, it’s good to be warm, maybe a little music, an oil burner and you are set. Create a setting for you. 

Don’t give to much thought to the colours, after my blog on colours, just choose what you feel is right, (you can check it later, if you want to) Its more important, what you feel when you have finished, do you feel aggresive, down, happy joy however you feel. At times when we let our imagination free, it is enough to start the process of self healing. When you start to paint Mandalas it is interesting to look at them over a period of time to see the changes and how you feel. 

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Six steps to creating a Mandala:-

Before you start, close your eyes, take a big breath and allow all tension to leave you.

Start to focus and become aware of your feelings forms colours and shapes that come into your mind.

Open your eyes and take the colour you wish to start with, whichever colour it maybe, make your circle

Now start to fill in your circle, do what you feel, there are no set rules, you can draw and colour what ever you wish, just carry on until you feel your mandala is complete.

When you feel comfortable and are ready, imagine yourself as being very small and pretend that you are walking into your Mandala as if it is a landscape or a room. Once you really feel that you are inside, ask yourself how it feel’s to be there. Where do you feel more comfortable most/least comfortable, and what do your symbols look like from where you are?

Having gone through your feelings and thoughts from inside your Mandala, maybe you can even give it a name, write it down and pop on the date.(This will be helpful for future reference)

images Mandala 5

As you can see, there are many variations of the Mandala, so go ahead, have a go, anything goes, what you feel can go into your circle, you can even add circles and forms to your original circle. 

Set your imagination free, which in turn will set your emotions free also.















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  1. Fascinating post. I was recently given one of those adult colouring books full of mandalas. But I wasn’t aware of the concept behind it. Thank you for shedding light on it 🙂


  2. Soul Gifts says:

    I have used mandalas often in groups and individual work.My personal vision/mission statement has a mandala logo which evovled over a 12 month period of intense inner work. I created a bead work of it and it now hangs on the wall in my office.


    • So you felt the benefit of the Mandala ? they really are great when looking into the inner self. Thanks for your comment

      Liked by 1 person

      • Soul Gifts says:

        I have developed a very deep meditation based on the mandala and sacred signs. People who have experienced it found it very powerful. When I was working on developing my own it took me on many highways and byways of inner reflection. As you would know, mandalas, particularly when developed like this, have every element laden with meaning. I have all my working notes still, the plan being to one day write it up. Perhaps it’s getting close to that time given it has come up again like this !


      • Thank you so much for this, I am very grateful for your words, it would be wonderful if you do your write up. Thank you once again for this powerful input

        Liked by 1 person

      • Soul Gifts says:

        My pleasure Brooke 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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