images living alone

When we think of living alone, let’s first think of our home, you want to feel comfortable, cosy and that when you are at home, you feel that you are at home,there is a big difference between a house and a home you want to be there and you enjoy returning to it, an advantage of living alone is you only have to please yourself, so your decor is your choice, your colour scheme is down to you, you have a canvas to freely paint yourself. Enjoy your space and distribute it to your needs, whatever makes you happy. Cleaning is also very important, don’t put things of, although you can, it’s not a good idea, the cleaner and less cluttered your home is, the better you will feel, clutter will only give you a cluttered mind, a good motto is a place for everything and everything in it’s place, this gives you structure and organization in your life, which is always good and is a positive point when one lives alone.

Now let’s look at people who live alone, they have total freedom and no one to fight with, except themselves, this is a trap they must not fall into, if they are grumpy with themselves, they will start to feel negativity and depression can creep in, living alone can have many advantages and they need to work on these points, and enjoy them, not fight them or give in, if they live alone by choice, they will not experience this, however if circumstances have brought this living alone on, it may take time to adjust, but once they get used to it and start to enjoy the advantages they may never wish to live another way. They can eat, when they want to, how they want to and where they want to, it is important to try and plan their weekly eating plan, for a few reasons, one it will make the weekly shop much easier and also if they were to come down with the flu for example, they know they are not going to go hungry !! Which brings us to another point,they should always be prepared for sick days, keep a basic first aid kit flu medicine, sickness etc., throat pastels, ibufrofen etc., that way if they do feel under the weather as they say, there is no need to go out to the local chemist.Hopefully they will never need them, but nobody wants to go out when they are not feeling 100%.

When people live alone they are totally accountable to themselves, this is a big responsability, they have to get to know themselves very well, what makes them happy and know their strengths and abilities, they will even discover alot they did not know about themselves, it is vital to have interests and maybe new hobbies that they enjoy, they also have to know what makes them feel lonely, that way they can counteract the moment that feeling comes along, having a pet companion is great for this, they have a duty to that pet, maybe they need a walk, they certainly need to be fed and cared for, this gives structure to their day and self-discipline, pets are also great healers and help to keep stress at bay, they need to engage with the world, get out maybe join a club, the library a gym, interact with others, if returning home to an empty house is there worry, they need to think ahead, leave a light in your entrance hallway and outside if possible, so that they feel the warmth of their home as they enter, also if they have a pet of the dog/cat variety, they for sure will be there to greet them, and they will feel instantly that they are needed and loved.

There own personal routine is key here, they need to be part of the world and let the world into their personal world, they need to open wide the windows and let the fresh air and light in, they need to enjoy this, a routine breakfast, even if it’s just coffee in their favourite chair , pj’s included, making the bed is also a good routine item, shower and dress, even if they do not have an outing planned. There is lots of casual wear around today, for easy day living, they feel comfortable therefore happy.

The beauty of living alone, can be of your choice, it does have a lot of advantages, everyone is different as we know, we are unique and quite amazing, what they thought was not for them, could end up being perfect, (or not) this depends on the individual, what is for sure is the happier they are, more will they achieve in persuing what they want. Have a great life and love yourself always.


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