We are on the countdown to Christmas, only 21 days to wait for Father Christmas !!! Holidays and for some a little well needed rest, for others maybe they work the most, preparing for these special days to share with friends and family.

We still have 21 days to prepare for the step into 2016, one week later so let’s make the most of 2015, and let’s get really ready,prepared and full of energy for what is to come.

A is for Ability – Our power of capacity to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially to the best of our competence in the activity or occupation that we choose, do we need our power of capacity, our ability to heal ourselves from illness or pain we feel we are in or going through, for this we need our physical and mental ability to be clear and totally focused.Here we need to use our reasoning ability within ourselves, on every level, remember that what we think about most (focus on) is what we get more of in our life’s, so your ability to be positive and strong are essential.

Ability is having the quality of being able to do something, to accomplish your goal, the ability to communicate effectively to be able to hold the ability to research what you don’t yet already know, the ability to read or write great articles, reports,emails to be able to under take the occupation where your skills can shine.

Ability is an acquired or natural capacity or talent that enables an individual to perform a particular task using their abilities.

Do you have the ability to achieve what you want from this year and the next, it is you and your power of capacity that is going to take you there, build on your abilities and build the life that you deserve,build your universal knowledge.

Are you aware of your abilities, and are you using them to your best advantage ?





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