Yes, we still have 20 great days to build ourselves up and ready for our new life. Yesterday we covered our ability or abilities, some have many,today we are going to look at what we Believe, at times we really do believe in the wrong things, we tend to take on the believe of others that can have a negative influence in our happiness and life’s. However, if we fall so easily into these situation’s, using a similar energy we can believe anything we want to, that will give us a positive influence on our happiness and life’s. What is Believe, to think that something is true, correct or real. To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.So what are your belief’s, do you believe in yourself ?, you really should because you will never know anyone as well as you know yourself, and your Abilities, the problem is that as we grow into adults our believes tend to grow smaller as everyday living, takes our believes slowly away from us. We become fixed on our newly acquired responsibilities and forget our belief’s,even ourselves at times. It is never to late to restore your self believe, if you believed as a child you could be a film star or President of your country, why don’t you still believe that what happens with your life, is down to your belief’s, to believe in your self, to think out of the box, that you your self have put yourself in, this may not sit well with you at first, but, give it a thought, If we expect others to believe in us, you must believe in yourself first, and that belief should be your ability to do what ever you set your mind to. Believe in yourself,Believe in your dreams and Believe that you have the ability to accomplish what ever it is you desire,health,wealth and happiness.

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