Do you know how long you are going to be here ? the answer is no, none of us have this information, but do we truly realise that we are all here on borrowed time, some shorter, some longer than other’s,this also we don’t know, but for those of us who have lost someone dear to us, will know that in seconds your whole life can change, as the saying goes,”here today,gone tomorrow” it is very difficult to come to terms with at that time,but we slowly start to adjust our life’s to it’s new circumstances, the question is did we do everything we could to end on the terms that we would like, did we love, share,listen,care enough, I think that most of us would say yes, that in our own way we did it right. What this post is really about, is not feeling sad or remembering our loved one’s, it is about realising everything we want to do in the time we are given, the other saying is “we only live once” so we have to enjoy our life to the best of our ability, this is why the importance of being grateful for everything we have and have had, to be happy and to live in harmony as best we can. This only depends on us, so it is possible for everyone, to have peace and harmony in our life’s, to be happy with our daily input into life and it’s results, we are all connected in some way or another and it is important to us to know that we are grounded and connected well. To remove anxiety where possible,do away with procrastination and live everyday, come rain or shine, surround yourself with family friends and love, learn something new everyday and never give up your dreams, you never know how close you are. Don’t leave anything for tomorrow that you can do today. Be happy.

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