Do you know how valuable that little extra five minutes is to you, your body and your day, that extra time does not have to be sleep time, but it can be a sleepy time when you just feel the warmth of your bed, the comfort of the bed and the energy you have restored during the nights sleep you have enjoyed, it can be an important time for you to recollect yourself and your thoughts for the day you have ahead, its a great moment to visualize your day, start as you mean to go on, every little detail, what you are going to wear, your journey to your work place, even the delicious breakfast you should be eating, I say should because so many of us, miss this wonderful start to the day, it is so important to fuel the body ready for the day ahead, we will be stepping into our work place with energy, and clarity and that extra boost we need to get us through our morning, no matter what work we do, we can see how our day is going to develope and what we wish to achieve, visualize it, exactly how you would like it to be. Take these precious moments of feeling good about yourself and start seeing your place in the world how you would like it to be, start to think of all the things you would like in your life, remove any negativity, change the program and really start to live your life, its a great month to start, the results will be quite amazing.

Brooke Univeral Life & Relationship Coach

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