If you are having problems in clarifying where you want to be right now, which is the direction for you or simply who you wish to be with, it is time for you to e honest with yourself, now you may find that this is not a problem, but what can be a problem is remembering everything you feel and wish to act upon, so my suggestion would be to write yourself a letter, this can be great therapy for you and will achieve and make great steps forward in your life, first there is something very magical about putting pen to paper, secondly you will allow your feelings to flow and the words will virtually write themselves, and thirdly it is a reference for you to look upon and keep yourself on track, nobody know’s you like you know yourself, so both good and bad points can be written down with no problems, there is no one going to judge you, this is a personal letter from you to you, no one else needs to be involved, but it is a wonderful way for you to get a good insight into yourself, deep inside explaining your inner emotions on paper, you will probably even discover things you are not presently aware of, to turn yourself inside out for yourself is a exercise well investing in, and all you need is a quiet little space, pen and paper, and of course you need to be open to yourself, this private one to one can and will reveal everything you need to know to get you where you want to be and maybe even with who….. you are doing this for you, because you deserve to know who you really are and that knowledge will also empower you in everything you do.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach






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