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The benefits of walking are incredible for our health body and mind, everyone tells us we should walk, but how much do we need to walk to see and feel the results…. some say 10.000 paces a day, which is approximately 7 to 8 km, and on top of that we are told that we will lose weight, however recently a new survey states 15.000 paces, how do we manage that, everyday !! are we training for the olympics !! and this way we are also protecting our heart ❤ as this amount of walking guarantees to maintain our cholesterol and blood pressure, they say we can do these 15.000 paces without even realising we have done it. We just need to organise ourselves, so there is a plan in 3 stages to place this change into a habit and make it part of your daily routine. 

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First of all, you must know how far you already walk, where are you at now, are you starting from scratch or do you already do a considerable amount of paces ? then make your decision to see this through and start, put your walking plan into action, follow this new plan to obtain the results, don’t be in a hurry, it can take up to a month to achieve the result and paces you want. 

For every minute you walk, you are extending your life by two mins, in 20 mins you can eliminate 3 kilo of fat every year, 30/35 mins can reduce the possibility of diabetes 2 and osteoporosis and dementia 120/150 mins will reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and will protect your heart from heart attacks, this is all on a daily basis, you will also burn calories, for whatever time you walk daily you are helping to improve your health, body and soul. 

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If you are pushed for time, which can very often be the problem, make the most of the time you have, 10 mins at a good rhythm will give you benefits, how do you know what is a good rhythm, if you find it difficult to hold a conversation as you walk, you are going at medium to high velocity.

A survey shows that if you manage up to 8.800 paces a day and you are admitted to the hospital your stay will be less time, and if you add another 1000 paces your stay will be reduced a further 9% (This survey was recently shown in the Medical Journal of Australia, and refers to people over the age of 55.)

If you are a little bit of a couch potato, you may find that you already do 5.000 paces a day in your normal daily activities, so you have to slowly work your way up to 10.000 and then hopefully 15.000 , when you reach 10.000 you will start to notice the benefits you feel, but don’t stop there keep going and make it to 15.000,maybe leave the lift and take the stairs, or change your coffee shop for the next block !! little things that can bring a big change. The more you walk the better you are.

The 5 rules of moving.

1.   Explore the sensations you obtain, you will get the opportunity to test your strength, how agile you feel, don’t push yourself just get to know yourself bit by bit.

2.   Walk with curiosity, find a pretty or interesting walk, and pay attention to what you see, hear and smell, this way you can disconnect from your daily routine and connect with your body and the nature that surrounds you.

3.   You will always walk better in company, it has more benefits. It not only trains your body, but allows your relationships to flourish through good conversation, your spirits are higher.

4.   Let your walk have meaning and make sense to you, the why and the importance of it, is important , this is where you will take the motivation to reach for your walking shoes and go everyday, it is to be enjoyed. 

5.   Value what you are doing and feel good about it, especially when you reach new goal points, put your walking before other commodities. Enjoy the sensation it creates for you, and remember it is keeping you mobile and well. 

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Hoping you will find great benefits, looking forward to hearing from you with your results ?



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