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So did you learn last year, that you can’t do everything for everyone and still be calm and relaxed? It’s a common fact that Christmas is a busy time of the year for all concerned, for some more than others, however, we can simplify the stress if we really want to, the magic word is organization, and it is down to us. So it’s … Read More HOLIDAY STRESS………….

That kind of Sunday!!

Feel your vibe, the week ahead is full of surprises and great new things to look forward to, create your ideal week Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

This is a great day……enjoy!

Make today count ……….it’s as important as any other! Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach http://www.facebook.ccom/brookesmitham

Where is your heart

No matter where you may be, the christmas memories and sensations go with you in your heart, Christmas is so full of wonderful thoughts, feelings aromas sensations that bring us right back to where we want to be….. Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

Then there was YOU

It is so true, and not in a bad way…..Christmas is a time when we thing of many different people from different walks of life, spreading seasonal love and caring is so a part of christmas, make it part of yours…… Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Miracles happen all the time, why not today and why not to you, if you believe you deserve one, you will get one!! Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


We have made it to the end of the year, for some the year will have flown by and for others it will of dragged on and on, so are living our life or are we just going through the motions!! Only you hold the answer to this question…. There are moments in our life when it is essential to let go of the … Read More END OF THE YEAR!

Do it right

When we take our time and dedication to do something, we take the same time to rush things, but the result is not the same…….

Your own person

Your day, your time your life is yours, don’t allow others to block your sunshine, manage your inner peace wherever or whatever you do! Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach


Are you a shadow of someone else? or are you your own person, it’s amazing how many people can just not create enough imagination to be there own person, they follow others like sheep, down to tiny details and everything the other person does, they even like things that in fact they do not like, but do it because some else doe’s, this is … Read More ARE YOU A SHADOW?

Spoil yourself Saturday

Saturday mornings will never be the same, wow, I love this one! the perfect brunch and I didn’t do a thing, I really could get used to being spoilt!! Have a lovely day, Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach

We rock—we create

Knowing what you know how can you possibly deny yourself the right to create the world you desire, stop overthinking, keep positive, and let the negativity slide away you don’t need it in your life…. You are strong, just think how much you have already accomplished Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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