Are you a shadow of someone else? or are you your own person, it’s amazing how many people can just not create enough imagination to be there own person, they follow others like sheep, down to tiny details and everything the other person does, they even like things that in fact they do not like, but do it because some else doe’s, this is not the way to find yourself, some people like to read, but it doe’s not mean they can write etc etc., I have been told that for the person that is followed it is very flattering to know that everything you do, there is someone there to follow you, when we decide to go forward in our life, it can take a lot of thinking through and if done the right way, your creativity will flow, and your journey forward will begin to unfold for you, this doe’s not happen over night, it is difficult to say, but if you are true to yourself, your strength and passion will get you there, however if you are missing the passion it will be much harder if not impossible, that’s why it is important to invent yourself and not some one else, it is very often advised to watch and do as others, but this is a different thing, if you start a new business that has been done by others and they are successful, then you can take one of these personalities and use them as a guide,not copy everything they do, just basic guidelines that you may admire, the success of this person is not only there business qualities it is all about them, there whole being, the personality, the air in which they move and interact with others, there capability to connect with others, and all this is unique to them, the image belongs to them, these are all qualties that some one else doe’s not have. We are all good at different things and this is where our strength and passion are to be found, if we stick within those boundaries, we can probably do well, this does not mean we cannot totally change our careers, and go beyond our comfort zone, we all at heart know what we are good at and believe in ourselves and capabilities, always be true to yourself and not a shadow to anyone or anything and the doors of the universe are always open to you, believe that this is what you want, focus and take your passion and move forward.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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