So did you learn last year, that you can’t do everything for everyone and still be calm and relaxed?

It’s a common fact that Christmas is a busy time of the year for all concerned, for some more than others, however, we can simplify the stress if we really want to, the magic word is organization, and it is down to us. So it’s time for that pen and paper trick, how easy is that, we need to fall back on our great list time, lists can be so useful and practical, it is an easy way to take things at your pace, happily ticking them off as you go as opposed to juggling them around in your head, some days forgetting and other days feeling totally overwhelmed by the whole thing, you can have a cleaning list, a gift list a general to-do list and of course the most important, your list…… what you wish to do, your self-care list.

Prioritize your jobs, and above all, know your limits, and when you need to say NO, it’s two letters that are said quickly, and I promise with no offense, we seem to be afraid to mention this little word. but people really do receive it well and understand, you just need to state your case, you and your time are valuable and when you realize this yourself it is easier for others to understand. You need to project who you are as a person, and set your boundaries, people will respect you for this and may even start to admire your organization and calming skills.

If you start to do this now, you still have plenty of time before the holidays to remain calm and complete all the extra jobs you may have. Take a deep breath prepare your list and enjoy your time and holidays.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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