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So, are we going to make the most of each day, let’s give it  a try Sleep enough  –  There is nothing worse than starting your day already tired, you need to sleep at least 7 hours, to feel full of life, and to take on your day as you would want to. Grateful  –  When we give thanks we also relieve stress, it … Read More HAPPINESS SECRETS !!


Have you ever wondered if your favourite flower, could tell you something about yourself, about your personality ?  Each particular difference in flowers give us different emotions and each has its reason. This is why your favourite flower will probably say things about you, as they are reflected in you. Do you think it is just a coincidence that you like a particular flower … Read More FLOWERS & YOU……………


Anne Frank – Was born in Frankfort on the 12th June 1929, into a jewish family. The Frank family, Otto, Edith Margot and Ana emigrated to Amsterdam in 1933, where in 1941 they were kept in the back of an office block , Ana started to write at the age of 13, and in her short carer wrote a diary and a number of … Read More AFFIRMATION OF THE WEEK


How true this statement is, do you remember your happy memories being made around a family table, everyone talking at the same time,but something magic remains, this happens in countries all around the world and usually on a Sunday !   All the family would gather, to enjoy grandma’s , uncles, grandchildren,children, at times you would feel that the world and their wife were … Read More SUNDAY TRADITION……..


How true this is, Coffee, just the smell of freshly ground coffee is so special, I love the smell making its welcome way round the kitchen, this happens every morning, but there is something rather special about Saturday morning, even my dogs know it’s Saturday, everything revolves in slow motion, it’s maybe even a little later than normal, why not, if you enjoy that … Read More SATURDAY / SABADO


With great pleasure I have accepted this award from Lotte, who very bravely puts herself our there at this is an amazing blog, that is written by a true survivor, if you have not visited this blog to date, pop over and introduce yourself to Lotte, and have a good look at what she has to say, she is a lovely young woman, … Read More RUNRABBITRUN AWARD….


Good morning to everyone, it’s Sunday !!! Week-end is flying by, but I hope you have enjoyed it and continue to do so, I want to take the opportunity this morning to also say a BIG thank you to all my followers as always and to welcome my new followers, I have been very busy in the last few weeks, and have not been … Read More GOOD MORNING & THANK YOU


Really come on, I’m serious, get dancing Friday is here yet again, how did it get here so quick !! But, lets dance, by dancing we can achieve great muscle tone, become stronger, stay flexible, dancing has so many benefits and its such a pleasure to do, when we set a fitness routine, lots of us just can’t face it, although we should ! … Read More HAPPY FRIDAY DANCING…..


Practise makes perfect, your affirmation can mean perfection in your life, you have nothing to lose, try it !   Loving yourself makes up a big part of you believing your beliefs, take control of yourself and take control of your life……it’s yours.

THE ISLAND………………….

I have recently been following a TV Reality show, where a group of people in this case (famous!) are left to survive on a desert Island, I have to say I do not follow this for entertainment reasons,quite the opposite, it draws me in from a psychological point of view, it never fails to amaze me how these so-called human beings behave and interact … Read More THE ISLAND………………….


I know it is the summer time, and some of you may be experiencing high temperatures, I’m here with 38/40 degrees, its HOT !! However the point I was going to make is, are we boiling our brains and overdoing this “I’m not enough business” between doubt, fear, panic, self-esteem etc………………………………. When are we going to get the message of what we are worth…….A … Read More OPEN YOUR HORIZONS…..


This is a very special award that has come to me all the way from Italy, the original design and commencement of this award is from the blog . I have been nominated for this award by (Bukurie) who is a very talented photographer and someone I have followed for a while now. Please visit her blog, her work really is outstanding … Read More VALUE AWARD………………

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