Did you know that most successful people have  coaches ! Yes it’s a fact that is one of the principal reasons why they are successful, two heads are better than one……………..they may not be of the same intellect,but they do have the ability to, empower their clients to come up with their own answers dreams and plan of action to achieve them. One has to learn to flow with life, we need clarity and life offers so many things,but it also holds many challenges . As time goes by, it is more difficult to find balance, happiness and to maintain a meaningful life, life goes by at such a fast speed. This is why the support of a coach is more essential than ever.

coaching 3

Now if you have this quote quite clear, and admit the truth that it holds, it is very possible that you have no fear of the future and will do and adjust to the circumstances necessary to get you to where you wish to go. You are brave and have no fear of a coach, I as a coach will support you in building the life you wish to construct and to discover the best of yourself. Are you ready for your new life,and to be brave with your life. When people realise that life does not get better by chance but by change, the reaction to a coach would be very different. Embrace your life,it is your choice to do something now that your future self-will thank you for, we all, at some point have blockages which we need to break down, this needs help and support, it will enable you to embrace your new life with love and passion, during this process you will find a deeper sense of purpose and create a clearer vision of what it is you want in life, a general idea is not good enough, we need to define each step and detail, for you to truly feel who you are. 

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There is no room for fear in your life, of any kind, the time is always right for everything that comes in and goes out of our life, you have to see that the struggles you have had, and problems you have incurred, no matter how big or small previously in your life, is simply preparing you for this next moment, when you really go for your personal goals and dreams, when your true purpose shows through, your situation or age, have nothing to do with it, we are alive, we are here and that is what counts…….all those past experiences have made you strong today, they have given you an experience, good or bad,it has no importance it is an experience unique to you,and will have its benefits in the puzzle of your life.

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There is nothing wrong with having a dream, you are not a person who is eluding reality, you simple wish to create your own reality and with the help of a coach, there is no reason you cannot reach your dreams, create the life you love, the sooner you start to live the life you desire and deserve the happier you will be.You will be living and not just existing.  

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If you are unsure, if you are one of these people who sit on the edge try to answer any of the following points, do you doubt yourself, do you have a vision but no plan of action, do you want a change, more confidence, a need to find your calling,break a habit or pursue your personal development. If successful people have coaches, why not you ? ………….One to one coaching could be perfect for you, but a free consultation would be even better, we need to know if we make a good fit, right, please feel free to email me, which is totally private for you, I will contact you to arrange our free private session, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change…………..


Brooke Universal Life Coach







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