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  Meditation is a wonderful beneficial relaxing experience, it allows to shut out the outside world for a little while, for us to be calm and alone with ourselves, to clear our thoughts obtain clarity and to be able to listen, when we listen, when we receive indication on which way to go, the answer to our problems, and the right decision to take, … Read More MY SECRET TIP FOR MEDITATION


Words are everything, they are our thoughts, that we wish to express always think before you speak, you never know who is listening !! This is when magic can happen….. Have a magical day ❤


We all get caught up in our everyday life, and we forget all about the magic we could be experiencing, so do you think you need more magic in your life or not? You are the perfect person to know this, and can become your own personal guide, the better the life, the better the magic is flowing to you, the not so good, … Read More MAKE WAY-FOR THE MAGIC OF WHO YOU ARE !


  Do you know that you hold the key to your happiness ? Yes, even when you are laden with problems…..for us to turn these situations around we have to be happy …………..this is not impossible, although you may think so at the moment. You are thinking, how can anyone be happy, when laden down with problems of all shapes and sizes, you see, … Read More HAPPINESS & PROBLEMS ! …….


Let’s make this Sunday all about a little love, we all need a little dosis of love in our life, and at times it can come from the most unexpected place……loving yourself is a great place to start, do something just for you today, even if it’s a coffee made with love, it will me the best coffee you ever had, really spoil yourself, … Read More SAY SUNDAY WITH LOVE !


Since last Friday and my post Freebie Friday, I have been very busy, and I thank you for that, I had a wonderful response and I am very grateful. However the main question that stood out in many ways was the confusion on what exactly a Coach is, the misunderstanding really is quite amazing, and I understand that, so I thought I would try … Read More A WHO……A COACH ?


This is a true story.  There are no made up facts to the story. It is actually how it really happened.  I say this with a really big smile because you need to believe in this stuff.  I’ve been working with my  Life coach on manifesting money. We’ve come to the realization I have a very unhealthy relationship with money . I’m terrified that … Read More I TOLD YOU SO::LAW OF ATTRACTION

TIC – TOC………………………….

WOW…..Is it just me or have we said goodbye to September for another year, where did it go !!  This year is galloping away, as we swing into the tenth month, two more and we have to clear the chimney for Santa….. well, lets not dwell on that at the moment, let’s get back to the NOW..October, an exciting month, Halloween is near, also … Read More TIC – TOC………………………….


You maybe aware that on my about page, I talk about paying back, and that is what I would like to do today, as my blog grows I see many posts on interesting subjects and many regarding personal growth, Law of Attraction  and life in general, people asking questions and looking for clarity of some form within their life, I do not hold the … Read More FRIDAY FREEBIE !!!!!!


You may remember, on one of the Law of Attraction posts, we touched on the subject of the story you tell yourself, and that this could be the block you have, which stops you from reaching your goals. This is your personal story you are telling yourself, it is from the past, and we have all at one point made this mistake. It is … Read More STORY TIME !!!


Life Coaching and energy work is a very powerful process, giving you a positive change in your life. It is possible you know where you want to go ? and it is possible you may not know  how to get there ? Or you may not know what you want and where you want to go ?  Or you could be bursting at the … Read More UNIVERSAL COACHING………..

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