You maybe aware that on my about page, I talk about paying back, and that is what I would like to do today, as my blog grows I see many posts on interesting subjects and many regarding personal growth, Law of Attraction  and life in general, people asking questions and looking for clarity of some form within their life, I do not hold the answer to everything and everyone, but I do have many years of experience in what I do, so, I invite you to post below in the comments or send me an email to my private mail for a personal response,

Please feel free to send me your questions where you would like guidance or clarity, looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully help you where I can. 


If you choose to use the comments section, obviously the reply will be there, however the email is totally private and will not be published.

11 Comments on “FRIDAY FREEBIE !!!!!!

  1. I just thought of a question, do you have advice on not being afraid to take chances? Not letting the fear of failure and judgement from others stop you?😕


    • First, fear is an emotion, so you have control, chances, are opportunities put on your path, you should never back away from this, you should go with the flow, you need to think about why you feel this fear, could it be, you feel you are not capable ? you do not have sufficient knowledge? of being hurt ? you have to identify the why to this feeling, once you have done that you need to look it in the eye, (see post get out of my way) It is a belief you have, not a six foot monster that will eat you! remove that belief and replace it with a positive version, we are creatures of habit, so make it a habit to repeat your new belief, do not let fear block you in obtaining what you want. How do you feel about yourself, confident, self worth , these are also areas that can provoke fear to the suface. It is you living this life, and it should be how you want it, and not how others would like it to be. Also failure is nothing more than a learning experience . When you are judged by others, their focus is on you, so what does that tell you ?

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