The start of a New Year is always a good time to set your new goals and dreams, but you really need to think about this and dig deep within yourself, for only you have the key to your future happiness, we know our likes and dislikes and we know what we want, even if it is difficult for us to face up to exactly that! this is really going to help you to be able to do your part, it can be difficult at times if you are considering other people all the time and not so much yourself, there is a time in your life that you have to give yourself priority if you really wish to create and achieve the life you have always wanted, that does not mean you cannot include other people in your dream it simply means that you cannot not allow another person to stop your dreams and goals, our goals and dreams are what allows us guidance from the universe and also gives us our own direction in life.

So, if you have it clear as to what you wish to move towards this year, you will also know what you need to remove, what blocks you and what you need to let go, do you have your goals defined and know what you wish to attract, this can be your in your home life, your career your friendships and your love life,

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