We are virtually in 2023, so lets start the right way, when we use the Law of Attraction to create the perfect life we wish for, we have to focus, the Law of Attraction can in fact be alot easier than many of you think, when you overthink the process of creating we become confused and many of you even give up, the secret lies in the simplicity of it all, when you fully comprehend that our everyday thoughts create our future you would think more of what you want and not what you don’t want…….. to think of everything that we love and crave for in our life is all you need to do!! simple right, the problem is we allow the negative thoughts to get the better of us and get in the way, we have programmed ourselves to rival in bad thoughts and negativity, and this needs to be disgarded, because if you focus on these negative situations or comments you will only bring more of them to you, that is why you need to think of the good things you want in your life, your perfect partner, the perfect job, home, car etc., this is what should be going through your mind, your health your happiness it does not need to be materialistic simply what you want more of in your life, concentrate on those things, focus on that and do not allow negativity into your thoughts, this may take you a little time, but have a good thought in your mind, ready to over shadow the negative one that creeps in, eventually you will only have positive thoughts, you have to believe in yourself and maybe not in what you have been told by others leading to this point, we believe things that we should be now deciding ourselves and the possibility of our own power and magic,

As we go through life, we hear and see many things and we take them on board as beliefs !! because we are told or shown by people we hold in great asteem, this is what they knew at that time and gave you the best advise they could at the time, but you now need to take total control of your life and live with what you believe….. always remember that our thoughts become things

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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