How many of you are aware that good health is all about happiness, the happier we are the better health we can keep, so it is essential that we become better at being happy.

Health and happiness go together as bread and butter, they are so complimentary and need to stay together to obtain the profound effect we need in our well-being. Feeling happy is significantly related to our health situation at all times, more than we would believe, it is time we all realized how our lifestyle, mental and physical health are connected, it is not a point of just curing the problem at hand, it is more important to find the root cause if we genuinely wish to say bye bye to our ill feeling or worse, happiness is something we can work at every day, this is not just how we are with other people or the people around us, it is how we feel about ourselves, many people are not happy with who they are and this is where you can work, each day until we reach where we need to be, when you feel happier you start to adopt a healthier lifestyle because you enjoy everything so much more, eating well (this does not mean more expense) just leave junk and processed food alone as much as possible, socialize more get out there, join groups and meet different people and exercise even if you do it from a chair, there is something for everyone, when we don’t feel happy,calm and in control, we invite tension and stress into our life and bodies, when we don’t handle stress as we should when we allow it to fester and become part of our every day life it can manifest in gut problems, depression to even Alzheimers migranes and diabetes, so the happier you are the more healthier you are likely to be, I realize that being content with life can be easier said than done, fulfilling your purpose does not exclude you from a burnout, even if you have the best job in the world, at times we tend to believe that we will be happy when we have the perfect partner, when we reach our perfect weight etc etc,, this is not how it works, it is important that you are happy within yourself, this is key to everything you do in life and how you do it, don’t make yourself a prisoner to yourself and your life.

So, what do we do, the first thing would be to realize that you are not going to be fitter without exercise and the right food, so we should view happiness also as a skill, we can achieve it and we can work at it, It does not just happen, we can work at it and get better each day, it is not a question of building memories of happy moments, it is being aware of letting go of negative moments more and more, so your happier positive moments become more part and part of your life, you need to create a world for yourself where stress and tension etc,, is not allowed to enter, its all part of life’s journey,

Don’t lose sight of the simple things in life that give you an instant boost to your mood, things like candles a great book, and a wonderful warm bath, the list can go on and on making your own can be great fun, start now just make a note on everything you love and brings you joy….

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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