How you see or feel about yourself is very important, it is you who has to make those thoughts about yourself and not someone else, you only have to please yourself, because while you are desperately trying to please everyone, you are distracting from yourself and that will cause doubt and very low self-esteem, do you question yourself many too much, your not happy with how you look, you feel as though you have no inner strength that your hair goes the way you would like, are you really attractive? if you are tormenting yourself with all these things, this valuable time could be spent on building you up not down, if we have clarified how unique we are, and how different we are, we know that you make a beautiful person inside and out, when you doubt everything including your wardrobe and what you can and can’t wear whether people like you or not, you know some will and some won’t, just like you, people make choices but not liking yourself should not be one of them, you should write down all the things you do in a great way and then admire that list because that is who you are, creative, informative funny and caring…you maybe have beautiful eyes, and you should allow them to connect with others, always look people in the eye when you talk to them, your eyes will tell so much about you, they express your inner child and even soul, connect with people feeling equal, hold your head up high, your shoulder back, and know that you deserve happiness and are very worthy!!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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