“Happiness is within our minds and with meditation, it can be reached”

It is a known fact that we would all like to be happy, but sadly some of us feel it is not for us, everyone can be happy it is purely down to us, not our situation in life, it is our decision and this takes place on our minds, however, we also occasionally hit a few bumps in the road, these can be little jumps or exceptional hurdles it can be near death experiences, it can be a life experience we wish had never happened, but whatever it was, it has woken something inside of us, that allows us to see life in an entirely different way, we change our thoughts and outlook on life and we know we have to take note, wake up and start to do things in a different way, maybe more love, compassion understanding even love ourselves more.

We all know ourselves well or should do and even though the outside world thinks we have it all or that we are very happy, something is not right and we know, deep down inside our intuition is telling us something else, so we start (some of US) to put this right, we try various things and meditation could and should be one them, this is not an easy task, it takes time to truly feel the benefits of meditation, but it allows us to flow into another zone of freedom tranquility and wellbeing.

We have to learn the signs that out sent to us when we lose someone who is precious to us when we have a near-death experience when things, in general, are not going right in our relationships or life we need to consider changes, this is a sign that our direction in life should take another route, in these moments we need to seek what works for us best, not everyone else, when we see how life can pass us by so quickly for whatever reason we need to readjust, we can in some cases have the perfect partner, earn a good financial position, but above all this, we feel a deep feeling of dissatisfaction, this is your opportunity to take action, in the shape and form you feel is best for you. It can be a complete break from everything you know, you need strength and to be brave to move away and create a new life, but it is possible, you can change the way you see life and adopt new ways or you can go into meditation and take yourself away this way, whatever you decision take the action that your intuition is telling you, follow your dreams and find your inner happiness.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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