Today has been a sad day for a vast majority of the British Public, and I highly respect those that feel and think in a different way than myself, but I have to say that for a very long time I have never felt more proud to be British, to see the professionalism and organization of such a large emotional occasion perfectly performed in front of the world, and knowing that most of the world was witness to it and have contributed in beautiful tributes to this unforgettable Lady, I did this afternoon place on my story wall of Facebook a very tear-jerking poem by a little 7 yr old boy, Lincoln in Carlisle I think you can find it here, in Facebook also on Twitter it tells the life of this incredible woman that we are proud to call our Queen, most of us, have never known anyone else, and I imagine will be our Queen forever.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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