Do you balance your job/s and family, the last few years have seen big changes within our working environment, in some ways it has made life easier and for others more difficult, working from home has become a big thing in our working world and many people do not wish to return to their original working place.

For working women with families and home obligations, this new way of working has been heaven sent, you are able to tend to your working obligations and also on your home front, we need the flexibility this gives us and enables us to understand certain things from another perspective, the pandemic actually swept away so many of the expectations regarding the forms we have been used to till now when working. This needs serious faith from the employee to the employer, you are working freestyle with no one looking over your shoulder, this is maybe why we have so many new entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, working from home is the new IN thing to do, it gives you flexibility and you help yourself, while also helping others, many surveys have taken place and they all say the same, flexibility/work/life balance, and working for yourself gives you all of those things and also in some cases all the support you may need to set up a highly successful future.

We always need to remember to help others and be conscious that you don’t give back, you give forward, working in a relaxed environment like your own, making your own decisions, and working the hours you wish, and know that by helping your colleagues you are also helping yourself, there is no room for jealousy or competition, you run your own race at your own pace and that will always give you balance and flexibility.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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