Have you ever considered a total change in your life, taking a turn in your direction and doing something totally new to you, but exciting.. you really can find happiness when you decide to travel out of your comfort zone.

You may feel that you are stuck inside an office job, or a job that you do not enjoy, but never have the courage to step outside and see what is available to you, you may be unemployed and have lost your direction for a little while, at times when we take a walk we gain clarity and this could inspire you to literally step outside and start to work outdoors when we are in nature you will find it very therapeutic, it refreshes you and your soul, the outdoors can add so much to your life, you start to see things you have never seen before, and the very sensation of the wind on your face or the sun can be very invigorating and not an experience you will have working in a closed environment. everything outdoors is different and exciting. it is a wondrous world to find inspiration and contentment, to work outdoors is very beneficial, to spend time and to be able to appreciate the tranquility, working with nature in any way is very mindful and rewarding, it is also a great way to relax even though you are working, your time is never wasted.

Whatever change you seek you need to know what kind of person you are or can become by moving out of your comfort zone, many people fear this, but it can be the best move you make, are you a people person? an introvert, an extrovert.. where would you like to go, do you wish or are you prepared to study again? all these things are possible and you can achieve what you want to, maybe you wish to stay with your life of the moment but incorporate an activity a hobby, swimming can create new energy and will also allow you to switch off!

Any activity will help you with energy, relaxation concentration, you are looking to become happier in everything you do, you can dance, exercise even sing if it makes you happy.

When you can see for yourself that your happiness is within you, nobody else is going to make you happy, to enjoy the happiness that someone else will bring you, you have to be happy first with yourself, so do whatever is necessary to reach your happiness, don’t hold back and have no fear..life is to be enjoyed and being happy is the main key factor,

Wishing you every happiness!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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