Have you ever felt that the further down you go, the stronger you become, once you start to recuperate from the initial shock, becomes at times it can be a shock that takes you totally out of your comfort zone, it can be a family situation, it can be an illness, circumstances that you don’t control, as you cannot control everything you do or have around you, and you need to understand that and accept what comes, acceptance is more than 50% of you standing up and feeling strong, your mind is the key player, no matter what you are facing, when we accept in our minds the situation or circumstances that surround us, we obtain a clarity that enables us to start our road of recovery! It maybe short or it maybe long, but, you have to remember who you are and where you are going, regardless of anything else, there is happiness all around you, you just have to open your eyes to see it, when one door closes another one will always open, even if it takes you a while to find it, with believie in what you do and say, you will get through any obstacule in your way, even if it is yourself, as we do at times need to get out of our own way, we block ourselves with false beliefs that most of us have had with us for so long, it is time to clear them away, let them go, everything is possible with belief and that belief has to be yours… your old beliefs may not be yours, you have inherited them from loving parents who did what they thought best, a teacher that did not see your potential, friends family and people you maybe do not even know, but you have taken on board what was said or transmitted to you, and it has stuck to you like glue, it is time for you to create your own beliefs and follow your dreams and goals, we are all far more capable of more than we believe!

We will always have ups and downs and this will effect people in different ways, some of you struggle terribly with depression anxiety and stress issues, but you have to find your strength and your value, you are so worth everything life has to offer, accept that and start to live a happier life, life is a collection of moments, and finding more good ones than bad ones, that is the secret, know where you feel happier, what is your most treasured possesion and memory you have, the better you know yourself the happier you feel within yourself.

Start to spend time with yourself, this is a good way to get to know yourself, when a person holds no importance to being alone, they have found their inner power and feel that extreme power at all times, because when you are comfortable being alone , you will no longer accept nothing less than your value, you will not negociate your values for anything. When you are comfortable alone, company is an option not a necessity, so you can become selective, you start to see that being alone you can be much better than being with people that make you feel alone.When you have learned to be alone and happy, you are totally unstoppable, this does not mean you have to be alone, you just have to be able to be alone when you wish, and totally believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Brooke, Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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