In basic terms, or any for that matter, your body is your home, and when you think and see it this way, you may start to regard it in a different way.. the most important factor is how grateful are you for your body, forget about your hang-ups, thin, fat, taller or shorter the main fact is without the body you would have nothing to be grateful for! So, would this invite you to care for it more, it is your home forever and a day, the house you live in, is probably painted and decorated on regular basis, you will buy different things over the years and will modernize to your taste, well your body is exactly the same, how we eat and exercise, how we keep warm or cool, how we clean ourselves on a daily basis all of these things are equivalent to you and your home maintenance, you need to maintain your body in the best possible way, this is where your love for yourself will show, your self-care has a prominent role, everything you do for the good of your body, your body will repay you in a thousand ways, and when things do go wrong, your responsibility is to take exceptional care and to do what is required of you, this could be a change in lifestyle, which we find hard, it could be taking medication which is also essential or you may have to change the whole environment around you, by doing these things you are taking care of your inner home, and remember it is where you live, so what do you want to see or feel, your body and it’s maintenance is basically down to you, even if certain aspects are out of your control due to illness or medication, learn to love your maybe new body and lifestyle, the more calm you are the better you will be and your recovery will also show this, stress or depression will only work against you, be as healthy as possible and accept your new home with love and care.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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