Time is the great thing that has us running around like a chicken without a head… it passes quickly and it is something that we can never recuperate, if only, how wonderful would it be, but, that is not the case, we have 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in each hour, and most of the time you feel as though you are against the clock, that you have no time for anything.

Would you believe that you can gain time and actually achieve more, it is possible and it’s all down to you, if you organize yourself in the correct manner you can increase efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity, when we rush we make silly mistakes, by taking your time and being extremely conscientious you can gain time because you are not having to go back to rectify your mistakes, you have previously paced yourself and done things right, you can even do this in the supermarket or when you have to go out and stop on the route a few times, if you do a shopping list, list your items as they are in the store, that way you are not doubling back on yourself, the same with stops on a route, you go one at a time and all in the direction you are going in, in your work environment I would suggest you do what you like less first and get it out of the way if you put it till the last thing, you will never want to get there and drag everything out all day, you may even pass it over till the next day, so valuable time is wasted.

So, you can gain more time if you are prepared to organize yourself and practice your organization skills.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach





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