This seems to be the main problem, we zoom into what we hate about ourselves or inspiring to be like someone else, why are you not happy with yourself, is it what you do, is it the way you look, is it due to your education? whatever the reason, it will all come back to confidence, if your confidence level is right where it should be, you will have no problem loving yourself, stop seeing tiny unimportant actors that you allow to make you unhappy and not in love with yourself, it is perfectly true that until you love yourself you cannot love someone else, to prove this to yourself, just look at your relationship and be honest with yourself, it is possible that the little things you know are wrong is due to the way you are seeing and feeling about yourself when you love yourself it is amazing how your life can change in all areas, not just your personal relationships when you love yourself, you know your value, what you are worth and what you do not see as acceptable, you will reject in your everyday life, this is in all areas of your life, you need to find yourself and this can be hard for some of you, it can even be painful, but it is well worth the journey, as it can and will change your life and how you see yourself, be honest with yourself and seriously look at the areas of your life, you feel are not right, approach your problem with love and slowly start to resolve it, you need to take it apart piece by piece and the pieces that you know will not fit together once you start to rebuild, let them go, remove them from your life, no matter what that piece maybe, this is for you, never forget that point and focus on the love you feel for yourself, this does not make you a selfish person it makes you a whole new person who knows what is right and wrong for you, and obviously this will also affect your people and circumstances around you, this change will take time, so be patient with yourself and let it take the time it needs, you will feel the new emotions you are allowing into your life, you will find your strengths and weakness’s, you will feel confident in everything you do, because of the love you feel for yourself, you total posture and composure will change.

There is no situation in your life that does not deserve your love, it is warranted in every area, love makes your life easier as your clarity is improved greatly and you see your true purpose and direction in life, never try anything without love, love literally makes the world go round, if nothing else give it a try, love yourself and just see the change for yourself.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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