This is your goal in life to be successful, now this does not mean always in a business category, you may wish to be the best parent, spouse family member, that’s ok, most of this post will still apply, as we are talking about people, us, how we react and strive towards what we want…. It is most important that you define your success on your own terms, many of us are pushed and pushed until we break, now there is nothing wrong with being pushed, it is good for us when we leave fear behind and step out of our comfort zone, but even this can and should be done at your pace, you become your worst enemy when you can’t take anymore!

You will achieve your goals and dreams but by applying your own rules, now this does not mean that you don’t follow any kind of blueprint if this is in question regarding a business venture, we all need structure and schedules, but you need to be who you are, not what someone else wants you to be, because sooner or later you will find yourself and you will appear, and if you don’t appear, you will be very unhappy, because the true you are trapped inside and you are afraid to let it out, in case it is not met with approval, by installing your terms and rules you can and will build a life you are proud to live. You must understand this correctly, it is not suggesting you become a total rebel if you are working towards creating an existing business with guidelines to get you to success, it is simply showing you that things can be done in the same way as thousands before you, but, with your touch of you, your uniqueness that you bring with you, you are not and should not be a carbon-copy of anyone, you have a personality that you need to express and show to the world.

Being self-made means that excuses are not accepted by yourself, you are letting yourself down, and excuses why you are not getting to your goals, will not allow you to take steps towards whatever your goal. Being self-made is greatly a state of mind, and once you incorporate that mentally to work, your success will come, never forget others, this is not a solo journey, it can be the kind deeds that people do for you, words and acts of encouragement that will make up your character, thoughts and your success. Your personal GPS is also a very valid member of your personal team, instinct, should never be undervalued, failure is not bad, you can experience it every time that happens, you learn as you go, and if you have never had a failure, then you have maybe never really tried or you have never lived.

Change your habits & change your life!

And, above all, never forget to thank yourself, you are amazing and you can do whatever you have in your mind, create your life, thoughts become things!!

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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