So where is the problem, where do the insecurities and lack of confidence come from, has it been a past comment, does it stem from your childhood always trying to be a pleaser instead of pleasing yourself, it is always better to fail at originality than to succeed in imitation. You are more than enough to be just simply yourself and to be loved and liked for it, you are never going to be enjoyed by everyone, that is a fact of life, but if your immediate circle is happy with you then you should also be satisfied, when you are you, everything about you is more sincere and totally convincing because you are calm collected and stress-free, with no feeling of fear in case you do something that your imitation would not do. No one ever did well in business or building an empire (branding) by imitating somebody else’s advertising or system.

We all learn by imitation as children we copy what others do to our family members and people around us, but as we grow we have to take care to find ourselves, and not to get lost, you need to be unique, you need to be your own person with your own voice above all else, nobody will want to listen to a cheap copy of someone else, they want to listen and see you as you are. You have to have it very clear, that you cannot be friends with someone who wants your life, copycats may come close to that dream or objective but they never succeed, when you know someone is around you who copies everything you do, what you eat, what you say, what you were, it is not a healthy environment and you may also find that this insecure person with no self-confidence will eventually drain you of yours…it becomes very exhausting to be around them and also very uncomfortable to live under a microscope is not a pleasant experience, you really want to say, please stop studying me, you are not going to achieve the certificate… when you feel trapped in this way by people who copy you remember that they can only go and do what you have done and been, because they have no idea where you wish to go and do next. The kind of person who imitates others are people with low self-confidence and insecurity, someone who has been reinforced for imitating.

This kind of person is sadly heading in the wrong direction because it is not theirs, it is impossible to become like somebody else, and your only hope is to become eventually more fully yourself. People who copy are always behind you, it is impossible to be in front as they don’t know where to go without the guidance of who they imitate. You have to stop comparing yourself and stop copying others you need to be yourself, value yourself and find your way.

Create your own style allow your uniqueness to shine for who you are, for yourself but always be identifiable to others.

You do not need to copy anyone, you are an original masterpiece.

Brooke Universal Life & Relationship Coach

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